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Wednesday 23 March 2011

The other day I was contacted by CSN Stores and asked if I would like to review one of their products. I once again jumped at the chance and was given a gift certificate to choose anything from the wide range of products that they offer.

It was not so easy to pick this time. There are a lot of nice things in their shop, everything from cookware and lighting to furniture . . . but you know me . . . it was the cookware section that got the heavy perusal!

I know you may find this hard to believe, but I have never had a decent set of pots and pans since I moved over here to the UK. When we first started our our life together, we didn't have a lot of money (still don't!) and so we have had to make do with the cheapest set we could find. ( Before our married life Todd made do with a tin opener, a cheap aluminum pot and an old beat up frying pan! Needless to say I changed that . . . um . . . quite a bit!)

When I worked at the Manor House I got to work with the best equipment any cook could ever want to use. I got rather spoiled there . . . I had a lovely Kitchen aid stand mixer and everything. It was really nice to be able to use nice things to cook with, I'll tell you!

Anyways, after devouring almost everything on CSN's store site, I decided I wanted to get myself a nice set of pots and pans and I found a fabulous deal!!

Raymond Blanc by Anolon - Anodized Clad Cookware
The new Anodized Clad range has a different construction from the Advanced range it replaces, with a stainless steel interior and hard anodized exterior bonded to an aluminium core.

  • Clad construction guarantees fast, even heating, even up the sides of the pan
  • Stainless steel and aluminium base further enhances heat conductivity
  • Suitable for all hob types, including induction hobs
  • Lifetime guarantee
The set includes a milk pan (always wanted one of those!) three saucepans (16cm, 18cm, and 20cm) and a frying pan (22cm). There are tempered glass lids for 3 of the saucepans with polished stainless steel rims, which allow you to see through cooking whilst keeping all the flavour and nutrients locked in. They also have nice and sturdy riveted stainless steel handles, and what I really like is that the largest saucepan has an extra handle on the oppposite side to the longer handle, which makes it a lot easier and safer to carry, especially when you have it filled! That is something these old arthritic hands and wrists of mine really appreciate!

Apparently it is safe to use with metal tools. A bonus!! This meant I didn't have to go out and buy all new tools to use with it. (A fact that made the Toddster happy!) The hard anodized exterior also will not scratch or chip, and they are suitable for all hobs, as well as being oven safe up to 180*C/350*F/gas mark 4 (with lid).

The set normally retails for £215, but you can get them at CSN Stores for a mere £97.15, with free delivery right now. I am not going to tell you how much my gift certificate was for, but I will say that I got a very good deal on these pots and pans and I am well pleased, very well pleased.

They were delivered by courier, less than 2 days after I ordered them, and were in perfect condition when they arrived. Two thumbs up all around!

I have been using them for several days now and I am well impressed with their quality and value for money spent. It goes without saying that the next time I need something for the kitchen or otherwise I will certainly be checking out CSN stores first. This is the second time I have gotten something from them and I am well impressed with their service rendered.

Quick delivery which is free on almost everything over £40. Why not click on over now and take a look for yourself. Click here for CSN Stores UK and here for CSN Stores USA and Canada.

Many thanks to Kate and CSN Stores for having given me this wonderful opportunity. Tune in tomorrow for a tasty pudding that you are absolutely going to love, Love, LOVE!


  1. Ha, ha! I think Todd and my guy were shopping at the same place for cookware and food :-) These look lovely, Marie and I'm so glad you are happy with them. I agree that the right tools make the job so much more enjoyable. I hope you have many years of happy cooking from them. Now, if only I lived in the UK....

  2. I need some great cookware..I have been using the same set for way too many years! ;D

  3. I have a set of Cuisinart stainless steel that I really love. The only thing I don't like about anodized aluminum is you can't wash them in the dishwasher.

  4. Ahh . . . that would be a drawback Raquel. I have a 72 year old dishwasher that washes everything. tee hee He is still in perfect running order too! Todd does the dishes. He has always said it is the least he can do after I do all the cooking!


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