Morphy Richards Meno Milk Frother

Wednesday, 3 August 2011

As part of the Morphy Richards House Proud Innovator scheme I was sent a lovely Meno Milk Frother to test out in the month of July.

Now, in all honesty . . . being Mormons, we don't really drink a lot of coffee and tea in this house . . . (read nada, zip, zilch . . . here) . . . but we do enjoy ourselves a tasty hot chocolate from time to time. I had never experienced using a milk frother before so I was rather interested in how it worked.

To say I was amazed was the very least that I could say about this machine . . . that a simple machine could take a small amount of milk and turn it into such a gargantuan amount of froth was quite simply very surprising to me. You could say I was very easily impressed . . . but, that's simply not true. I've seen some pretty amazing things in my day . . . and this little machine turns a relatively small amount of milk into a lot of froth in quite simply two minutes, tops!

Todd was the first one to put it through his paces creating a hot froth for his hot chocolate. (I am not a hot drinker at all per say.) He found it very simple to use. You just measure the amount of milk into the main canister, which is very visibly marked on the inside with the amount you need for any given serving. You then pop on the lid . . . push the button and go. Two minutes later you have a whole lot of lovely froth . . . an amazing amount of froth actually! Todd's been really enjoying it at least several times a day now since it arrived, and he's been very happy with it's performance.

The lid does fit very snugly, so it can be a bit difficult to remove, but other than that, it's very easy to clean . . . a simple rinse with some hot water and a good dry with a soft cloth and it's good to go again. It also takes up relatively very little space on the countertop, which is a real bonus in my tiny kitchen!

As for my cheeky self, I've been putting it through it's paces making myself a lovely milkshake now and again . . . ok . . . I confess . . . so it's been daily, but who can blame me when they see the results!

I've been using skim milk and I have ended up with a lovely fluffy frothy milkshake every time! It's a great way to get me to drink my milk and I can well imagine in a house where you have a lot of children and teens it would come in very handy indeed. I found myself wondering where on earth such a treasure had been when my own children had been growing up!!

(A rather cheesy video I made of the machine in action.)

From the Morphy Richards site:

A large capacity milk frother perfect for making a variety of hot and cold drinks such as cappuccinos, lattes and frothy shakes. It heats and froths milk to 65 °C, which is just the right temperature for adding to your coffee to make a great tasting hot, frothy milk drink. Alternatively why not utilise the 500ml capacity and create a cold, frothy shake using a milkshake mix like Crusha. A simple to use, one step operation means you can have freshly frothed hot or cold milk within a matter of minutes.

It also comes with a 2 year Warantee, which is quite good if you ask me, and right now if any of you here in the UK are interested in purchasing one, Morphy Richards are offering my UK readers the chance to making a 30% discount on this product when they quote the promotional code: HPI6030 at the checkout stage on the Morphy Richards website. You can't ask for much better than that!

The Morphy Richards Meno Milk Frother retails at £59.99 and is a nice little gadget to have around. Many thanks to Chris at Finn PR, Morphy Richards and the Morphy Richards House Proud Innovator Scheme for affording me this opportunity to try out something new. I'd quite honestly give this little baby a 9 1/2 * out of 10*. (And the only reason I took off 1/2 was because the lid is quite snug, but then again, that is probably a good thing when you have a hot or cold liquid being frothed about at that speed.)

(This chronic dieter now has a new best friend. It is the Meno Milk Frother. A fabulous way to make you feel like you are indulging in something rich and creamy and fluffy . . . without all the calories of whipped or iced cream, and in just . . . two . . . minutes!!)


  1. What amazing machine Marie!! Hugss my dear, xgloria

  2. Seems very handy! And easier almost than Anthony's method with his cappuccino machine (ok, maybe just because any coffee machine is a mystery to me). I love making fruit smoothies, but like many, I pretend to forget just how many calories the fruit adds to it. Bananas are what I've typically used, sometimes even alone with milk to make a nice milkshake substitute (sometimes a little vanilla, but no sugar needed IMHO). But if you can get the froth without sugary fruit or higher fat milk, then you are laughing!


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