Come Dine With Me Blogging Event 2012

Monday, 23 January 2012

Welcome to the very first annual

Come Dine With Me
Dinner Party
Cooking Event 2012
hosted here on
The English Kitchen
and sponsored by

We've all watched the show, but now it is your turn to participate in your very own Virtual Dinner Party, held in your own home and presented here on The English Kitchen.
Between Now and the beginning of February, 2012 is your opportunity to sign up to have a Virtual Dinner Party, to be held in your house, and presented on your own blog.

will be YOUR Choice!!
YOUR Choice!!
YOUR Choice!!

To be included in this exciting first time event
all you have to do is to
send me an e-mail at MarieAliceJoan at aol dot com with Come Dine With Me in the Subject Line.
You will be assigned a date to present your dinner party on, showing on your blog with the menu and pictures you have taken yourself. I will provide links on that date to your post.
My readers will then be able to visit your page, where they will enjoy a virtual feast provided by yourself. Presentations will run over a week's time period, starting on the 6th of February and ending on the 11th of February. At the end of that time my readers will be able to vote and assign points to the various participants.
The winner will be gifted with a beautiful prize
provided by the people from

consisting of
a HelloFresh 5-meal bag containing meals for six people
a total of 30 individual meals complete with recipes!!!

If you happen to hate food shopping, or just simply don't have time and would like an healthy diet for your family then you will love HelloFresh!

Amazing recipes and all ingredients
delivered directly to your door every week

How it all works: Every week they'll send you amazing recipes and all the ingredients you need to prepare them.

Choose your Plan:Select the number of meals per week and how many people are in your household.
Changing the way you shop and eat couldn't be easier:
Then, choose the number of meals you would like to receive per week and how many people are in your household.

FREE Home Delivery!

Your recipes and groceries will be delivered Monday evenings between 5pm and 9pm.
HelloFresh make life easier for you:
Your ingredients will be delivered straight to your door on Monday evenings.
The best thing is the delivery is included in the price!

Become a Master-chef!!

All the recipes have been created by world-class chefs and nutritionists.
The recipes are simple and straightforward and they don't take any more than 30 minutes. You don't even need any fancy kitchen equipment.


You can start enjoying delicious home-cooked food and spend more time with the people you care about.
Sit back and enjoy yourself and spend quality time together at a family dinner or with your partner.

This is a fabulous prize and well worth the effort of entering. So here are the rules. Every contest must have rules.

1. You must agree to host a virtual dinner party in your home to be held during the week of February 6th to 11th

2. In order to qualify for the Hello Fresh prize you must reside within the area that Hello Fresh now delivers to. This can be simply checked by going to their page and entering your postal Code into the box provided.

3. You must, on the day assigned to you, present your Virtual Dinner Party to the world via your blog, with write up and photographs etc. and then provide me with a link which I can then share with my readers. A photograph which I can present on here would also be very helpful.

4. If you are not within the area that Hello Fresh now delivers to, I will provide an alternate prize, (To be announced) which will not be worth as much, but . . . it will be coming out of my own pocket so . . . You will also gain a bit of prestige and the esteem of the food blogging community! This means that if you live in America, or elsewhere, you can still participate and get in on the fun!

Sign ups will be open until midnight on the 31st of January, with Dinner Parties to be presented on the week between Monday the 6th of February and every day through to Friday the 11th February inclusive. Voting will commence on February 12th and a winner will be announced on February 14th.

The more the Merrier! Let's make this a really fun event. I do hope you will want to join in.


  1. This sounds GREAT fun Marie, and I will be participating! Just nipping by VERY quickly as I have been travelling all day...will catch up on more posts tomorrow!

  2. I was thinking I was out of it, but thanks for thinking of your American cousins. Sounds like fun!

  3. Great idea for a competition :) I've tried the prize! Definitely worth it, it's freed up a lot of my time and their meals are absolutely delicious.

  4. Unfortunately Anna, I had to call this event off due to lack of interest! Its a shame really, as it would have been a lot of fun. Maybe another time. xx


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