Guinness Gourmet Peanuts & Cashews

Tuesday, 19 June 2012

I was recently sent several packets of Guinness Gourmet Peanuts & Cashews to try out. For anyone that is not familiar with Guiness, it is a popular dry Irish Stout beer. I have never actually drunk Guiness . . . because well, I'm a Mormon and we don't drink alcohol, but I have cooked with it and I can attest to the fact that it makes a very lovely braised steak pie!

It also makes for some very tasty snack nuts too! I rather like these! They are a delicious mix of oven roasted steak and Guinness flavoured peanuts and cashews, and I can see where they would be rather moreish! We found the flavour of them to be quite pleasant, without being overpowering. The flavours are quite subtle really . . . which allows the flavours of the nuts to shine as well. I'd say a perfect balance of flavours really.

Guinness has joined forces with nut roasting house Humdinger Ltd, to create a new taste experience for Guinness, and nut lovers alike. Guinness Gourmet Peanuts & Cashews are available in Sainsbury’s nationwide in a nicely sized 90g grab bag priced at only £1.49! They will also be available in Waitrose from the 9th of July at the same price.

Perfect for munching on this summer while you are lazing next to the pool, or watching the grass grow . . . along with a nice glass of ice cold lemonade.

Many thanks to the people at Humdinger and to Richard for sending these tasty snacks along for us to try out!


  1. I don't like Guinness, but these are the sort of thing I think my husband might like. I will get him some to try.

  2. Ooh, favorite! I'll have to head over to Sainsbury's and get me a pack or two!


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