Gorging on Mrs Crimble's Gluten Free Goodies

Monday, 16 December 2013

I was recently sent some sample of Mrs Crimble's gluten free baked goodies to try out.  For any of you not familiar with them, the Mrs Crimble's brand has been around for over 30 years.   Initially the brand was sold direct to stores in the London area.

In recent years the company has become known for its range of cakes, biscuits, snacks and treats which are now deliciously Gluten Free. In the early days their brand was endorsed by the original TV chef Fanny Craddock and they operated a small fleet of vans.   Their two best selling lines were the plain and choc macaroons, and these two are still as popular today.

Mrs. Crimble’s was one of the first brands to be stocked on the Free From fixtures in the UK supermarkets. Before then our products had been found in specialist health shops and farm stores. Whilst today they still happily supply many of their original outlets, the proliferation of Gluten Free products means you can find Mrs. Crimble’s in all sorts of places, and even outside the UK!

 photo SAM_2393_zps13b5b4cc.jpg

These were the items I was sent.  All of them gluten free.   I am lucky that I don't have a gluten problem to my knowledge, but I know people that do and how very difficult it can be for them to find gluten free products or to bake their own.  Happy to say these good are widely available now in most shops so things have gotten a bit easier for them.  I think as well, here in the UK at least, if you are diagnosed as being gluten intolerant, you are able to get some of this gluten free stuff on prescription, but feel free to correct me if I am wrong!

 photo SAM_2395_zps9ee8dbc2.jpg

Both Todd and I adore Bakewell anything.  That lovely pastry on the bottom, the raspberry jam, the almond flavoured sponge on top, not to mention the crunch of flaked almonds . . . would these be as good as what we normally eat?

Happy to say they were quite, quite enjoyable.   The crust on the bottom was a bit thinner than we were used to, but it was crisp and not at all unpleasant.  They had a lovely almond flavour, not too sweet, and the cake was a nice texture.  We both really, really liked them.   They got a 10 out of 10.

 photo SAM_2396_zps509d6b59.jpg

I am no stranger to a macaroon.  I love , LOVE them.  This giant macaroon, dipped and drizzled with chocolate did not disappoint!  Sweet, with lightly caramelized edges and just enough dark chocolate it was delicious!  I did not share with Todd because I greedily kept it all to myself.  (Don't feel sorry for him, he ate three of the Bakewells himself!)  I gave this a 12 out of 10, which might not compute mathmatically, but I know of no other way to let you know how very much I enjoyed it.

 photo SAM_2397_zpsdaf99ed7.jpg

Last but not least was this delicious Mixed Berry Oat Flapjack.   Yes, delicious.  When I first came over here I wasn't quite sure what to make of flapjacks.  I was expecting something cakey, and they are not cakey.  I have since come to adore flapjacks and these were mighty fine.  Just enough fruit and sweet, and lots of oaty goodness.  Another 10 out of 1o!

All in all we were both really pleased with these delicious baked goodies.   It's nice to know that gluten free doesn't necessarily mean you are no long able to enjoy delicious sweet and pleasurable baked indulgences any more, or that you don't have to always bake your own.  Nice nice.

Many thanks to Lucy and Mrs Crimble's for sending me these tasty treats.  Mrs Crimble's baked goodies are available in most supermarkets nationwide.

Bakewell Slices from £1.15
Mixed Berry Flapjacks from £1.10
Giant Chocolate Macaroon from £0.65

(As you can see very reasonably priced as well!)


  1. I try to stick to Crimbles instead of eating processed biscuits, I particularly love the cranberry macaroons, delicious! Coconut Oil is often said to help with weight loss, so you can justify a cheeky treat! Quite fancy one now actually!



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