Knorr Gravy Pots, Award Winners!

Friday, 7 February 2014

I got a fabulous hamper  in the post the other day. I love it when that happens.  Nestled inside was .this!!
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Everything that anyone could possibly need to cook a delicious Roast Beef Dinner, with fresh carrots, potatoes, parsnips, broccoli, a joint of beef, a lovely porcelain gravy boat and these gravy pots from Knorr!

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I have long been familiar with the Knorr stock pots and use them frequently, but I have not had a lot of experience with the gravy pots.  I was interested to learn that Knorr Gravy Pots have wond the Gravy/Stock category in the product of the year awards for 2014!  Exciting news for Knorr!

Launched in 2012, and now available in three flavours . . .  Beef, Chicken and Onion . . . these gravy pots provide a quick and easy accompaniement to any roast dinner.

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Igor Zago:  (Knorr Professional Chef and mastermind behind Gravy Pots)

"Myself and the team that created this fantastic product are extremely proud of winning this award.  I love the Gravy Pots because they provide an authentic consistent result every time."

I am no stranger to the powdered gravy mixes that are out there.  I have used them from time to time. Their results however can often be mixed, and you end up with either lumps, or little specks of undissolved gravy mix throughout the gravy. I often have to seive it so that it is smooth.  My mother never used gravy mixes.  She always made her own from scratch using the meat juices, and flour and water.  Her gavy was always pretty good and that's basically how I have always done it myself, unless I am in a rush.

 photo SAM_2990_zps07ed469f.jpg

Today however, I used the Knorr Pots, well the beef ones anyways and I was pleasantly surprised.   It was dark in colour, compared to my homemade stuff, which I rather liked and the flavour was really nice without being overly salty.  I like that.  I did add some of the juices from cooking my roast to the pot with the gravy pot.  The instructions were easy to follow and the end result was quite tasty.    I give them 10 out of 10 and am not surprised in the least that they have won an award.  I think they should be very proud of this indeed.   Innovative, easy to use, good flavours and perfect results.  You can't ask for more than that.

  photo SAM_2995_zps4c944302.jpg

I used my method for cooking the perfect roast beef, which you will find here.  It always ends up with the perfect roast beef.  Seriously.  Trust me on this.

Many thanks to Knorr and the Unilever kitchen people for sending me these to try out.  Although I was sent this lovely hamper for free, any and all opinions are my own.

Knorr Gravy Pots are readily available in most Grocery shops here in the UK, at a very reasonable price.

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  1. These are terribly salty ... so I no longer purchase them. Be careful.


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