Mrs Crimble's Oat Cookies

Saturday, 19 April 2014

I was recently sent some samples of the Mrs Crimble's deliciously gluten free cookies.  I was recently sent some sample of Mrs Crimble's gluten free baked goodies to try out.  For any of you not familiar with them, the Mrs Crimble's brand has been around for over 30 years.   Initially the brand was sold direct to stores in the London area.

In recent years the company has become known for its range of cakes, biscuits, snacks and treats which are now deliciously Gluten Free. In the early days their brand was endorsed by the original TV chef Fanny Craddock and they operated a small fleet of vans.   Their two best selling lines were the plain and choc macaroons, and these two are still as popular today.

Mrs. Crimble’s was one of the first brands to be stocked on the Free From fixtures in the UK supermarkets. Before then our products had been found in specialist health shops and farm stores. Whilst today they still happily supply many of their original outlets, the proliferation of Gluten Free products means you can find Mrs. Crimble’s in all sorts of places, and even outside the UK!    

I have always loved their Coconut and Chocolate Macaroons, very scrummy.  These are their two new flavours!

 photo SAM_4200_zps8c946cd6.jpg  

Mrs Crimbles Cranberry & Almond Oat Cookie  
A HUGE thick cookie containing oats, vegetable oils (palm and rapeseed), salt, dried cranberries, granulated sugar, soft brown sugar, nibbed almonds and natural flavourings.  

 photo SAM_4201_zps4557f94e.jpg  

They had a short crumbly texture, a pleasant taste with a fair amount of cranberries.  I thought they were quite good actually.

 photo SAM_4203_zpsd32a2a94.jpg  

Mrs Crimbles Choc Double Choc Chunk Oat Cookie
These also had a short crumbly texture.   Huge cookies, large and thick . . . 

 photo SAM_4204_zps3b6a6940.jpg  

Check out the bottom and look at all those chocolate chips!  An oat-y biscuit with added dark and milk chocolate chips.  Contains Oats, vegetable oils (palm, rapeseed), salt, dark chocolate chunks, milk chocolate chunks, granulated sugar, soft brown sugar and natural vanilla flavouring.  

 photo SAM_4205_zps4c76ef22.jpg  

This also had a short crumbly texture, with an excellent ratio of chocolate chips to cookies.

Both cookies were really hefty, large cookies, weighing in at 60g each.  They are also rather high in calories with the cranberry one clocking 335 calories per cookie and the chocolate chip one 334 calories per cookie.   So not something you would want to eat too many of at one sitting!  They were really tasty though and high calories aside made for some pleasant eating and dunking.

Priced from £1.49 each

Both cookies come individually wrapped and are perfect for staving off hunger pangs when you’re on the go.
Whether you choose sweet and chewy cranberries with the nuttiness of almonds or indulgent chunks of chocolate, is up to you, but thanks to all the healthy oats which release their energy slowly, one Cookie will keep you satisfied for hours.

Mrs Crimble’s has been determined to make it easier for people to find gluten free treats when they’re out and about – so  the new Oat Cookies will soon be available everywhere from garden centres to railway stations and motorway services.

Many thanks to Lucy from the Ideas Network and to Mrs Crimbles for sending them to me.

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  1. These do look good. I'm a cookie fan and would like them both for treats.

  2. It's nice that people who can't do gluten have so many lovely treats they CAN indulge in these days!


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