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Tuesday, 22 April 2014

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You probably get tired of me saying this, but I DO get sent the nicest things.   Recently the people at Red Candy  sent me this lovely Joseph Joseph Gadgets Gift set, and I have been enjoying using it.  As you know I love Joseph Joseph anything!    

Containing essential cooking-companions, alongside a burst of citrus-hues, these kitchen accessories come in high-quality packaging, showing the iconic Joseph Joseph branding, making sure the lucky recipient will appreciate the unique gifts before they've even left their box!  And let me tell you, when I saw them I did feel very lucky indeed!

Made up of a Rotary Peeler™, a Catcher™ Citrus Fruit Reamer and a Rocker™ Garlic Crusher, in zesty lime-green hues, the 3-Piece Gadgets Gift Set from Joseph Joseph will bring both superior functionality and lively aesthetics to loved-ones (or your) kitchen!

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Keeping your creations free from citrus pips is easy, with the Catcher™ Citrus Fruit Reamer. The ergonomic handle ensures comfort when you squeeze lemons and the soft, rubber cup catches unwanted debris, allowing the fresh citrus-juice you’re after to drain through, yum!  Catching the pips is always the most annoying part of juicing a lemon!  This handy piece of kit solves that problem.

The Rotary Peeler™ boasts 3 different, stainless-steel blades in one, easy-to-grip plastic case, making it simple to switch between peeling different fruit and vegetables.   It also has a nifty potato eye remover on the side, and comes completely apart for washing.

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Last, but by no means least, the 3-Piece Gadgets Gift Set from Joseph Joseph is completed with the Rocker™ Garlic Crusher, another simple, yet user-friendly design, that makes food-preparation straight-forward. Breaking-up and crushing garlic is a breeze by simply pushing downward in a rocking motion, easing the garlic through the holes, where it will sit in the curved design until you’re ready to pop it into whatever you’ve got cooking!  It works a charm and is also easy to clean up afterwards.

All of them are dishwasher safe.  I just love the bright colours and unique design of these tools.

Many thanks to Red Candy for sending them to me. is a website dedicated to the celebration of red home furnishings and modern interior accessories.  Whether you use red as a subtle accent, or your love of this passionate colour sees it spread throughout your life, provides for all by stocking the latest, most fantastic and innovative red products & designs from across the world.

With such a large choice of modern red accessories covering collage photo frames, clocks to colanders, mugs to magazine racks, you need not venture any further in your quest to find a complement for your red themed interior, or discover the perfect gift for another that adores this colour.


  1. Cute stuff..we use that first item every morning!

  2. I squeeze lemons every morning too Monique!

  3. OOh I cannot tell you how frustrated I get with our squeezer - there's always a rogue pip that escapes. This looks a brilliant invention! Hx

  4. It really is a nice piece of kit. I love Joseph Joseph products!


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