A new Fetish for the Foodie in You

Thursday, 18 September 2014

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As any foodie will know there is not shortage of food related sites out there!  There are food blogs galore as well as food photography sites in abundance.  There is nothing like a little food porn to get your tastes buds tingling and inspire one to get into the kitchen and start rattling the pots and pans!

Can there ever be too much information out there for the ultimate foodie to enjoy???  I think not and with that in mind . . .  allow me to introduce you to  Zugme, the new social networking system with a unique twist for the foodie to enjoy! Their topic @ city feed structure allows foodies and foodie communities to gather and represent local gastronomic delights and indulgences, exposing other  users and creating a hub of activity in the process. For the foodie this means a chance to discuss or research your favourite restaurants, recipes, ingredients, food fads and other food related content  with "like minded individuals", both locally and nationwide . . .  and even internationally.

Their iFollow and myPeople functions allow industry professionals, food related bloggers and gastronomically minded folks to communicate directly with foodie fans, orchestrating a well-executed method of engaging like minded users within a protected and comfortable space!

With plenty of food related content already available via the internet already, Zugme offers the "food, recipe, restaurant,  and cooking" fan (ie "foodie") a really easy to use and viable alternative to anything they are using at the present time, and I predict that it will soon be the platform of choice for foodies to engage and share with each other all over the UK.

Sign up and join in today, and follow Zugme on Twitter and Facebook for updates.

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