Some really tasty Potato Bites

Friday, 31 October 2014

One of the things I love about having a food blog is the opportunity which I am afforded to try out new things.   As a person who loves to try new things, this is a win/win situation.  I get to try them and tell you about them, and the companies get a bit of press.   Recently the people from Bannisters' Farm sent me some of their new Potato Bites to try out. I love the Bannisters' products and have been a big fan of their frozen baked potatoes for a while now.  They are a staple ingredient in my freezer.   I normally opt to bake them in the oven, rather than microwave them, but the option is there is you are wanting a quick fix for a baked potato supper. 

 photo SAM_7667_zpsbca2cb32.jpg

These mini loaded potato skins are absolutely packed with deliciously moreish, melt-in-your-mouth fillings. They’re perfect as a quick, hot and tasty snack or for sharing with friends. They’re traditionally baked, gluten free, wholesome good food, and come in three delicious flavours.   The Cheese and Onion ones  . . .

 photo SAM_7668_zpsf2e6811f.jpg

And the Cheese & Jalapeno ones.

They also have Cheese and Bacon ones.  I was only sent the Cheese and Onion and the Cheese and Jalapeno ones.

  photo SAM_7669_zps51342ed3.jpg

They are really convenient to use.  Just pop them onto a baking tray and bang them into a hot oven.  (The package tells you how)

 photo SAM_7672_zps0d75b8dd.jpg

And in due course you are rewarded with some very tasty potato snacks to share and gobble up!

 photo SAM_7678_zps3a099a89.jpg

What better combination than British cheddar cheese and British Monterey Jack, blended together with the piquancy of onion pieces. Deliciously moreish and meltingly good. These were my favourite ones, the Cheese and Onion Bites.   They had a generous topping and were very well flavoured.  I enjoyed mine with a bit of sour cream for dipping, cuz I am a glutton.

 photo SAM_7677_zpsc194d88e.jpg

For those with much stronger tastebuds I recommend Cheese and Jalapeno ones.   They may be small but these mini loaded potato skins pack a real punch! With a blend of two British Cheeses and a sprinkling of Jalapeno, they’re sure to wake tired taste buds.  Todd really enjoyed these.   Ariana and I found them too hot for our taste buds.  WE are tastebud wimps!

These mini loaded potato skins are best cooked in the oven. But if you can't wait for 20 minutes, then you can use your microwave instead. They'll be a little less crispy, but still just as tasty.  

I can imagine that these would be great nibbles for your guests during the holidays while they are waiting for dinner to be served, or for those nights when you get together as a group to watch sport or films on the telly.   They would also make the perfect bite to share on the upcoming BonFire Night!   These are simply fantastic cooked on your barbeque too.  For further information on how you can do this,  just have a gander at the back of one of the Bites packs.

To find out more about the people at Bannisters' and their products do check out their webpage HERE.

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Available in all the major grocery shops here in the UK.

Thanks to the Bannisters' people for sending me these scrumptious bites to try!

Disclaimer:  Although I was sent free product to try, any and all opinions are my own.

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