Tropical Sunshine Smoothie and Degustabox for January

Wednesday, 11 February 2015

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There is nothing like a bit of tropical sunshine in the middle of Winter!  Seriously.  I can't quite come up plane tickets to the tropics . . .  but I can invite a little bit of it into my home by way of these delicious Tropical Sunshine Smoothies for breakfast.   They are so delicious.  I was inspired by the Degustabox January Healthy Box!  It's nice to partake of something which is sunshiny, healthy and delicious!  I feel good! (channeling James Brown here. lol)

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A bit about Degustabox.   Once a month, each month Degustabox will deliver to your home 10 to 15 new, special or innovative food products for you to try in the comfort of your own home via a subscription service.  A monthly subscription costs £9.99 and there is a delivery fee of £3, for a total of £12.99, and what you receive can be tailored to the types of things that you like and would use.   

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Here is what was in the January Box .   

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Mornflake Top Porridge

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Mornflake Top Porridge pots are the perfect way to start your morning, with an additional Lyles Golden Syrup or Nutella portion to choose from you can add as much or as little sweetness as you like. Now available in Waitrose stores up and down the country

RRP £1.19 each

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Haywards Piccalilli
Haywards Piccalilli has deliciously chunky vegetables in a tangy mustard sauce great for sandwiches, burgers and BBQs.  RRP £1.89

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Alfa One Rice Oil 

Alfa One Rice Bran Oil is nutritionally well balanced and high in natural antioxidants such as Vitamin E and Gamma Oryzanol, a naturally occurring plant sterol which has been shown to reduce cholesterol absorption. Alfa One Rice Bran oil is simply one of the healthiest and most versatile cooking oils, making it the perfect choice for any dish.
RRP £2.00

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Kabuto Noodles 

Kabuto Noodles are a delicious combination of authentic Asian flavours and quality ingredients, prepared with the skill, dedication and discipline of a Samurai warrior available in seven grown up Asian flavours.

RRP £2.00

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Finn Crisp Original Crispbread 

Crunchy FINN CRISP Original crispbread reflects all that is good about Nordic cuisine, using only natural ingredients. It contains two distinct sources of goodness: made from wholegrain, it is rich in fibre, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, and as it is baked with sourdough, it’s low in fat with a distinctive tangy flavour.
RRP £ 1.20

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Simplee Aloe Aloe Vera Drink 

Simplee Aloe is an all natural, never from concentrate Aloe Vera drink. We’re here to bring the goodness of Aloe to the masses so we’ve blended Aloe with fresh grape juice and a squeeze of lemon to create an extremely tasty and healthy drink.

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Magners Light Orchard Berry Cider

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Little Miracles Organic Tea 

A beautiful blend of organic tea, juice and ginseng. Sweetened with agave, each blend is less than 90 calories per bottle, with no artificial colours, flavours or sweeteners. Non-carbonated and refreshingly light, they are the perfect pick-me-up morning, noon or afternoon.

RRP £1.49 each

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Sukrin Bread Mix

Sukrin low-carb Versatile Free-From Sunflower and Pumpkin Seed Bread Mix.   A delicious gluten free bread with only 1 gram of carbs per slice.  Free from wheat, egg, sugar, yeast and soya.  Use Sukrin Bread mix as a base to make tortilla wraps, pizza base, burger buns and more.

RRP £5.00

Also included this month was a special gift:

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Clipper Teas Green Tea with Lemon 

A generous sample pack of 10 bags of Clipper Fairtrade Green Tea with Lemon. A light, crisp and highly refreshing green tea with a delicious lemony citrus zing. With their cleansing, and detoxifying properties, Clipper’s gorgeous Green Teas are a perfect part of your daily health and beauty regime.

The product I chose to use in a recipe this month was  . . .

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Koko Dairy Free 

Koko Dairy Free Original is a unique alternative to cow’s milk made with freshly pressed coconut milk. It contains fewer calories than skimmed, 0% cholesterol, and is 100% allergen free.It tastes remarkably like cow’s milk on breakfast cereals or in cooking, and doesn’t curdle in tea or coffee.

RRP £1.39

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Nothing could be easier than throwing a few fresh ingredients into a blender to create a delicious on the go breakfast.  I always keep fruit in the freezer . . . they are perfect for these types of things . . .

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And of course my heavy duty Froothie Blender helps to make short work of it.  This is a real powerhorse.  A pack each of frozen pineapple and mango . . .  a fresh banana, some orange juice and some of that delicious dairy free Koko milk alternative.

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The amounts I have given are perfect for the Froothie blender which I used to make these.  If your blender is not as powerful, you may need to use a bit more liquid.

 photo DSCN0437_zps3cluuwkd.jpg

Silky, smooth . . . refreshingly delicious . . .  and good for you!  Nothing could be tastier or easier.  The kids will love these.  Oh, and you can pick up the frozen fruit really cheap at Aldi.

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*Tropical Sunshine Smoothie*
Serves 4

A little taste of the tropics for a breakfast on the go!  A delicious way to get in a couple of your five a day!
300g of frozen mango cubes (2 cups)
300g of frozen pineapple cubes (2 cups)
1 large ripe banana
120ml of orange juice (1/2 cup)
225ml of Koko Dairy Free (coconut milk)

 photo DSCN0442_zpsm5q4yjra.jpg

Put all of the ingredients into your blender and blend until smooth.  If your mixture is too thick, add more juice or Koko to thin it a bit. The amount you need depends on the strength of the blender you use. My Froothie is pretty powerful and I can have this in my cup in less than five minutes and most of that time is used to put the fruits etc. into the blender case!

Many thanks to Degustabox for sending me this box. I have to say I really look forward to getting my box each month.   There are always lots of things in it to enjoy and new products to try out.  I highly recommend.  You can also tailor the boxes to your own likes and dislikes by filling in your own Taste Profile.

Do check out the Degustabox web page for more information and details.

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