Barbequed Spare Ribs

Thursday, 4 June 2015

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Here we are into the month of June.   Summer is upon us and with it delicious summery type of meals like these fabulous Barbequed Spareribs.   I like to oven braise my spareribs first, which ensures a really tender finish.   After that you can either finish them with a barbeque glaze in the oven or outside on the barbeque, it's all up to you and of course the weather!  (Always a consideration here in the UK.)  Of course either way you will want to finish them with a delicious barbeque sauce, either homemade or purchased.   Today I used Sweet Baby Ray's Barbeque Sauce, which came in my latest Degusta Box.

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 To those not in the know,if you sign up for it,  once a month, every month . . . .  Degustabox will deliver to your home 9 to 14 new, special or innovative food products for you to try in the comfort of your own home via a subscription service.  A monthly subscription costs £9.99 and there is a delivery fee of £3, for a total of £12.99, and what you receive can be tailored to the types of things that you like and would use.   To me it's a bit like a foodie Christmas every month of the year!  I really love them!  

Normally I would start off with a picture of my box before I dig into it, but I have had camera issues this month and none of the pictures on my main camera came out.  They were all over-exposed and so I have had to re-photograph everything with my old camera, but without further adieu, here is what was in the May Box!

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MAGGI  2 X £1.49

This range helps you to create delicious new noodle meal ideas that the whole family will love.  The packet contains noodles and a seasoning sachet with perfectly blended herbs and spices to make three tasty stir fry noodle dishes!  Simply add fresh ingredients and cook in one pan!  Which one will ou try tonight?  

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FUEL 10K  1 X £2.69

Fuel 10K Protibrik is the first ever protein boosted wheat biscuit.  It has been designed to suit a growing appetite for more protein in our diets and to keep active early morning risers feeling fuller for longer.  Made from 100% wholegrain, Protibricks are high in fibre, low in both sugar and fat, and bigger than average wheat biscuits.   Wheat biscuits offer a great meal at the start of the day.  Bigger and protein boosted, Fuek 10K Protibrick wheat biscuits just deliver a bit more.

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9BAR 1 X £2.00

9Bar hits the spot!  For a healthy snack that hits the spot, there is nothing more delicious than a 9bar Fruity.  This delicious bar is stacked with nutritious seeds including sunflower, sesame, and pumpkin and combined with succulent dried apricots and dates then topped with carob, making it the perfect mic-morning or afternoon treat - one you needn't feel guilty about.

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SCHWARTZ  1 X £2.19  Grill Mates Marinade in a Bag

The no fuss, no mess, easy way to marinade!  Simply put your faovurite meat, fish or veg into the bag for 30 minutes and it will be ready to sizzle!  Available in 6 delicious flavours:  Schwartz Honey & Soy, Spicey BBQ, REd Wine & Garlic, Brazilian BBQ, Teriyaki and Korean BBQ. 

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Good news, Lasagne lovers.  Made from all  natural Konjac floru nd oat fibre (Juroat ™), Slim Pasta Lasagne is a low calorie alternative to regular lasagne that lets you savour your favourite lasagne dishes whilst keeping you on track for weight loss success.  Helps You Lose Weight:
  • Carb free and only 21 calories per 100g serving.
  • Gluten, fat and sugar free
  • Keeps your satiated longer and reduces snacking
  • Suitable for coeliacs and diabetic, vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free diets.

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Kid's coco juice with banana.  The young coconut gives us true treasure of nature; fresh clear coconut juice.  We mix in the banana which grows wonderfully among the coconut palms and gives you loads of potassium.  This juice is truly an experience.  Produced in organic quality and from selected plantations, Dr. Antonion Martins has the juice from the young coconut.  Especially for our young ones; Low acidity and a handy 200ml size with straw.

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Connoisseurs are simply wild about the authentic Dutch Stroopwafels made by the Daelmans Family bakery (est. 1909).  Enjoy these soft, toasted waffles and their characteristic sweet, creamy caramel fillings straight from the box or warmed over your favourite hot beverage for a minute to enjoy it in the traditional Dutch way.  

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Sarson's the expert in vinegar for over 200 years, now bring you a versatile full bofies balsamic from Modena, perfect as an accompaniment to salads or a recipe ingredient.  Our Balsamic provides a distinctive gentle aroma with a tangy taste.  Goes perfectly on a salad or in a homemade pesto. 

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Straight off the boat from the USA, Sweet Baby Ray's is the no1 BBQ Sauce in the States. Our Honey BBQ Sauce is the next level for marinating, dipping or as an awesome cooking ingredient, but not just for ribs, hot dogs and burgers.  This sweet and smokey blend is the only answer for making any dish the boss.  But we don't have to boast.  Your taste buds will do it for us.   Perfect for Bacon Butties, Ribs, Burgers, Wings, Pulled Pork and Fish and Chips.  Available at Tesco's.

And no surprise here, the Sweet Baby Ray's was the product I chose to highlight this month with a recipe tailored to use it in a most delicious way.   Barbequed Spare Ribs! 

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Not only does it give you a nice sticky and yet spicy result, but it's also perfectly finger lickingly delicious!  It worked really well as a finishing sauce for these tender oven braised spare ribs.  It would be equally as delicious on pulled pork. 

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Mmm . . . .  mmm . . . .  mmm . . . 

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*Oven Barbequed Spare Ribs*
Serves 4

A good spare rib can't be rushed. I oven braise mine first until they are tender and then I brush them with Barbeque Sauce until they are glazed and finger licking good! 

4 pounds of spare ribs, cut into serving sized portions
salt, freshly ground black pepper and garlic powder to taste
water or stock
1 bay leaf
Barbeque sauce to finish
Preheat the oven to 200*C/400*F/ gas mark 6. 
Season the ribs all over with salt, pepper and garlic powder.  Place them into a large roasting tin with sides.   Add  about 2 inches of water or stock.  Cover tightly with foil.   Roast for half an hour.   Flip the ribs over and roast for another half an hour.   Remove from the oven and drain off any liquid. 

Increase the oven temperature to 220*C/425*F/ gas mark 7.  

Brush the ribs all over with barbeque sauce.  Return them to the oven and continue to roast for a further 15 to 20 minutes, until well glazed.  Serve hot with plenty of napkins. 

Note -  For a really smoky flavour these ribs can be finished on a barbeque grill.   Heat your grill, brush your ribs and cook, turning and brushing frequently with barbeque sauce until they are as you like them!

Many thanks to Degustabox for sending me this box. I have to say I really look forward to getting my box each month.   There are always lots of things in it to enjoy and new products to try out.  I highly recommend.  You can also tailor the boxes to your own likes and dislikes by filling in your own Taste Profile.  I also have a code which is worth a £3.00 discount when registering.  Simply use the code:  NEHFF

Do check out the Degustabox web page for more information and details.

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