A Thanksgiving Primer

Friday, 6 November 2015

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I didn't always live in England.  For the first 45 years of my life I lived in Canada and I experienced a delicious Thanksgiving for every one of those years.   I learned from my Grandmother's lessons and my mother's lessons and I built on that knowledge with things I taught myself.   Over the past fifteen years I have continued to build on that knowledge through my work and experience as a personal chef for an American family as well as cooking for and introducing this lovely holiday tradition to my British family and friends and I think I can safely say that I have pretty much honed all of that experience and knowledge down to a level where I feel comfortable sharing it with my readers in this, my very first Thanksgiving Primer.   My sister asked me, what was a Primer.  A Primer is a how to book . . .  an instructional book . . .  filled with tips and how to's and this Thanksgiving Primer is just that . . .  all of the experience I have accumulated through all the years in one easy to follow, instructional manual all about Thanksgiving and how to make it the best holiday ever.

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 A concise cumulation of my 40 odd years of experience at cooking Thanksgiving Dinners for family, friends, employers . . .  and all that I have to share about doing it right, and with confidence, with no fail recipes and the right tools.

54 pages of knowledge, with colour pictures and art.  With hints, tips and recipes for everything from kitting out your kitchen to what to do with the leftovers when you are finished and all is said and done.  The only thing I can't do for you is cook it and clean it up!

Offered now at the introductory price of only £3, which is a £2 saving off of the normal price of my other cookbooklets.   I really think you will be pleased with this Primer.  I've been working really hard at getting it done and out here in time for you to be able to use it for your Thanksgiving this year.

It will come to you as a downloadable PDF file, which I will personally e-mail to you.  I promise that all will be mailed within 24 hours of your payment clearing, which allows for the differences in time between North America and here in the UK.    You will need to have the latest version of Adobe Reader enabled on your computer or device and you will also need to have my e-mail in your safe mail folder.  (mariealicejoan at aol dot com)

To order just click on the add to cart button below.   Many thanks!    Happy Thanksgiving and Happy Cooking!


  1. Another lovely cookbooklet for me to enjoy! I also bought the Genius book on your recommendation, it's fabulous. I'm buying one for my youngest son for his birthday as he loves cooking. He's also getting a cheese making kit!!
    Take care, Pam.

    1. How nice Pam! Lucky son! Thanks so much. I am so happy you love the Genius book! I am sure your son will too! A cheese making kit sounds interesting! xoxo


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