Ice Cream Vans Get a Warming Hot Chocolate Makeover!

Tuesday, 8 December 2015

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With the prospect of crisp white snow, putting on our matching hat, gloves and scarf and wrapping up in that brand new furry winter jacket, research launched today by Cadbury Hot Chocolate – the ultimate winter warmer – shows half (50%) of Brits actually get as excited about the cold winter months as they do summer scorchers.

So to give Brits everywhere an extra bit of joy over the winter months, Cadbury Hot Chocolate is giving summer-favourite ice cream vans a makeover to create the first ever Mr Sippy hot chocolate van. This new-look van will be giving out warming cups of Cadbury Drinking Chocolate during the cold British winter. With over half of Brits (52%) wondering where ice cream men actually go in winter, Cadbury is encouraging ice-cream vans to come out of winter hibernation and get involved in dishing out some wonderful winter goodies.

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Dominic Abruzzo 50, from Bristol has become the first ice cream van man to swap cones for cups, dishing out steaming mugs of hot chocolate goodness to Brits. Alongside delicious Cadbury Drinking Chocolate, Dominic will be offering indulgently ingenious toppings for everyone to try including the classic Cadbury ‘99 flake, fluffy whipped cream, and even aromatic cinnamon sticks to really add to the festive feel.

Dominic Abruzzo, Cadbury’s Mr Sippy van man says “I always wish away the winter months, waiting for that first summer day. This year I had the chance to bring as much joy to people in winter which was brilliant. As soon as I got the call from Cadbury I dusted off my slippers, put down the paper and fired up the van!” Indre Nagyte, Brand Manager for Cadbury Hot chocolate says “We wanted to bring some joy into winter and bring our fans some warming goodness over this freezing period.

We know everyone needs a warming, comforting cup of delicious hot chocolate sometimes so this is a great way to make sure it is delivered in a joyful way.”

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To that end Cadbury's sent me a lovely little Christmas pack so I could enjoy a delicious Cadbury's Festive style Hot Chocolate at home!

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*Toasted Marshmallow Moment*
Serves 1
A toasty mug full of joy!
18g (3 heaped teaspoons) of Cadbury drinking chocolate
200ml cold semi skimmed milk (scant cup)
20ml (2/3 of espresso glass) of toasted marshmallow syrup (1/3 of a 1/4 cup)
Mini Marshmallows to garnish
Mix everything in a stainless stell jug, then heat and foam with a stteam arm to approximately 70 degrees (158 degrees farenheit).  Garnish with mini marshmallows and serve.

Many thanks to Cadbury for this gift pack.

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