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Friday, 18 December 2015

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I was recently sent a new cookbook to review,  The Nerdy Nummies Cookbook, written by Rosanna Pansino, the creator and host of the most popular baking show on youtube.  The Nerdy Nummies is quirky, charming and fun, featuring the recipes behind Rosanna Pansino's celebrated, one-of-a-kind creations.

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It contains Six Geeky chapters . . .

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Math & Science . . . containing such scrumptious sounding recipes as Apple Pi Pie, Chemistry Lab Cake and more.

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Fancy some Atom Cookies?

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Space - featuring such delights as Star Constellation Cookies, Moon Cake, etc.

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Moon Phase Macaron anyone?

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Fantasy Sci-Fi - Castle Cake, Cauldron Cake Pops, Zombie Brain Cake.

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Who could resist a light nibble on some Unicorn Poo?  The Castle Cake is gorgeous.

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Gaming - Video Controller Cookies anyone?   20-sided dice cookies?

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How about a game of Chess?

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Tech & Web - featuring such goodies as Motherboard Cake, Colour Code Cookies Awkward Penguin Cookies

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Flash Drive Crispy Cake anyone?

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Geeky Treats - Smart Cookies,  8-Bit Heart Cocoa, etc.

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These Nerd Bird Cupcakes are really cute and look fairly easy to make.

As well there are basic recipes, step by step photos, Templates and QR codes, a pictorial tool list, conversion charts,  a resource guide and easy to follow photo instructions and stunning photos of every single finished treat in the book!

Normally I would bake something from the book to show you, but having contracted the shingles I am just not up to it at the moment, but you can take it from me, that this is a great book!  It would make a fabulous gift for the nerdy baker in your life.   There is something for every skill level in this book from the novice to the keen baker/decorator!

Rosanno Pansino is the creator ad host of Nerdy Nummies.  She is a Washington native who, upon graduating college, moved to Los Angeles to start her own production company.  She launded Nerdy Nummies in late 2011 and the show's audience grew very quickly with her videos having been viewd more than 1 billion times, making her one of  the most watched personalities on YouTube.  The Nerdy Nummies Cookbook is her first book.

The Nerdy Nummies Cookbook
by Rosanna Pansino
ISBN - 978-0-7515-6365-8
Published by Sphere
£15.99 UK

Many thanks to Sphere for sending me this copy for review. 


  1. So sorry to hear you have shingles! I had them about this time two years ago...a very light case, but they were on the bottom of my foot of all places, so kept me pretty immobile. Hope yours is a light case as well, and that you are feeling back on top of things soon.

    1. Oh dear, I cannot imagine Kath. That must have been positively awful! Thanks for your happy wishes! xo


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