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Wednesday, 6 April 2016

 photo Chicken sweetcorn WM_zpsxhfpe8vt.jpg

Chicken with Sweet Corn

I wanted to tell you today about a unique cooking school in the London area which offers private tutelage called Kitchen Heist.  With the goal in mind of helping people to cook better, Kitchen Heist  offers private cooking classes and private chef services at their customer's home kitchens. Their cooking classes are highly customizable.   Menus, dates and times are all  arranged with the client to suit them in the best way possible.

They also have an assortment of recipes available on their site to help to whet their customer's appetites ahead of time.

Tasty things like . . .

 photo Wintertime Tomato Soup WM_zpscwwjjdme.jpg

 Winter-time Tomato Soup

 photo Berry-and-Passion-Fruit-Pavlova_zpsxghgxreu.jpg

Berry and Passionfruit Pavlova

To name but a few, and this very delicious looking smoothie, which I have adapted here for you.  Boy would I ever love to tuck into that right now!  It looks so fresh and tasty.

 photo Berry Pear and Almond Yoghurt Smoothie WM_zpsyixjjyjn.jpg

*Berry, Pear and Almond Smoothie*
Serves 1
Smoothies are great, so why not try this one at home.  From Kitchen Heist.

150g pear, seeds removed (1 pear)
110g fresh strawberries, hulled (6)
50g fresh raspberries (small handful)
25g honey (generous TBS)
225g almond yogurt (8 ounces, or one cup)
Blend all ingredients together into a smoothie. Couldn't be any easier.  Optionally you can serve this in a bowl and garnish with varying quantities of chia seeds, desiccated coconut, berries and toasted rolled oats.  If one of them is not to your taste, feel free to skip it.

Note and Tips:
- Great served as a drink or in a bowl to be eaten with a spoon.
- If you like to think it down add almond milk, regular milk or even a touch of water will work.

- Chopping board
- Knife
- Hand blender/liquidizer

 photo Steak alla puttanesca WM_zpslsilror2.jpg

Steak alla Puttanesca

Their lessons are great, whether you are new to the kitchen or a foodie who simply wants to improve your cookery skills. They take into consideration that everyone has favourite ingredients, dishes and cuisines as well as varying cooking skills, therefore each lesson is customized to suit the individual. You can choose from starters, main courses, desserts, bread and snacks.

Lessons can focus on quick and easy to prepare family meals or fancy dinner party dishes. It is completely up to the individual.  The classes are also great for couples, so if you like cooking with your partner,  or even with a friend, you are welcome to invite them to join the class. It is an amazing value for two at the same price.

To find out more about their classes, and other options check out their website at Kitchen Heist.

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