Little Minions Vegetable Soup

Monday, 7 November 2016

I really had planned to post about this last week, but stuff got in the way so I am hoping you will forgive me for posting this a bit late.   This delicious soup was meant for Bonfire Night, but alas, best laid plans and all that.  Nevermind, it is a delicious soup any time of year and a great way to get your kiddos to eat some of their five a day!  I was inspired to create this tasty soup as soon as I saw the contents of the October Degustabox!  Oh how I wish I had some children around to spoil with this.  No such luck so Todd will have to do!  He, too, loves a good soup.  More about the soup in a little bit . . . first about the box.

 To those not in the know, if you sign up for it, once a month, every month . . . Degustabox will deliver to your home . . . 10 to 15 new, special or innovative food products for you to try in the comfort of your own home via a subscription service. A monthly subscription costs £12.99 with free shipping, or you can pay bi-annually for only £11.99 per box, an 8% saving on the full subscription price. You are also able to cancel your subscription at any time. What you receive can be tailored to the types of things that you like and would use. To me it's a bit like a foodie Christmas every month of the year! I really love them!   I get to try new things and I get to enjoy things I already love. This is what was in my latest box . . . 

Lord'a Mercy! Levi Roots' fabulicious Coat 'n Cook sauces add big, bold flavours to your meal easily. No marinating necessary - simply pour over chicken, ribs or fish and cook straight away! Available in 3 delicious Caribbean flavours: Jerk, Ginger Beer and Smokey BBQ. Find them in Waitrose, ASDA and Sainsburys'! One love!
 1 X £1

Are you hungry for adventure? New Maggi® Fusian® noodles bring the taste of Asia to your kitchen, with authentic tasty spices, infused oil and veggies. Ready to enjoy in only four minutes! Discover delicious Fiery Sweet Chilli and Aromatic Spiced Curry. Go for it, which one will you try first?

2 X £1.39

YUSHOI PROVES YOU CAN BALANCE GREAT TASTE AND BETTER FOR YOU. You no longer need to give up great taste for products that are better for you thanks to Yushoi Snapea rice sticks, a delicious baked savoury snack made using green peas and rice. With prices starting from just 55p per 21g pack, the baked snack, which boasts 96 calories or less per serving, is high in fibre and a source of protein. The snacks are also suitable for vegetarians and vegans, have no artificial colours, flavours or MSG and are produced in a nut free factory.    Tasty, tasty!

1 X £1.99

Robinsons Squash'd is our super concentrated portable squash which helps to make drinking water more exciting on the go. In 6 refreshing flavours and no more than 3 calories per serve*, our new Orange flavour can be used to make water tasty wherever you are.

1 X £2.49

Beloved, experts in the ancient superfood, the date fruit, are launching two new Date Fruit Heart varieties, Rich Cocoa and Cocoa & Berry, in addition to the existing Original (aka Simply Divine) and Zesty Orange flavours. The packs are launching with a vibrant re-vamp of the current design across all four flavours. 

The five heart-shaped cold-pressed fruit treats that make up a pack are made from 100% dates, plus a hint of 100% natural orange, cocoa or cocoa berry flavouring. Absolutely nothing else.  Due to the cold-pressing, each Date Heart retains all the benefits of the whole fruit. That's fibre, minerals and antioxidants in every bite. Containing only 105 calories per pack, as well as counting as '1 of your 5 a day', they are set to become a must have for clean eaters, healthy lunchboxes, and those on-the-go; what Beloved are calling their "speed dater" target audience! 
The four variants will be available in the Dried Fruit section in Asda stores nationwide from 8th October 2016. The regular RRP is 75p per pack, with an introductory price of 50p per pack for the first 4 weeks. Also available online at 

4 X £0.75 

JimJams 83% Less Sugar Milk Chocolate Spread is kinder on teeth, gluten free and diabetic friendly. Slather it on pancakes, toast, crumpets and also use it to make delicious recipes including a very simple No Added Sugar Chocolate Milkshake! See the JimJams website for more amazing recipe ideas.
Both Milk Chocolate and Hazelnut Chocolate Spreads now available in Tesco......

1 X £2.59 

Do you wish there were some more "exciting" products in the bakery aisle? We've got the answer in the shape of a new Pitch, a delicious brioche roll filled with a smooth milk chocolate bar! Available exclusively through your Degustabox, try it before anyone else in the UK and we are sure you'll love it!  

People in France can't seem to get enough of them, as generations of kids have grown up putting a chocolate bar inside a brioche for their afternoon snack or even for breakfast. Now thanks to Brioche Pasquier you can try it. Available individually wrapped for convenience, fresh and ready to eat!  

1 X £1.40 

IAM SOUPER are a hunger busting "High Protein" soup meal that keeps you feeling fuller for longer! Low in fat but high in protein with no artificial flavours or preservatives. 

Available in four tasty flavours: Supergreens (vegetarian), Pulled Pork & Jalapeno, Chicken & Supergrains, Peppered Beef and Superbeans. Our soups are easy to carry, store, open and quick to prepare as well. All you need to do is empty the contents into a microwaveable bowl or heat on the hob. 

2 X £1.49 

Indulge in Hershey's Cookies 'n' Creme and experience a twist on a classic combination, with crunchy cookies pieces and smooth creme in each delicious bite. Cookies 'n' Creme is available in all major supermarkets and convenience chain stores.  

1 X £1.00

Heinz is bringing more smiles to mealtimes with kid's dry pasta shaped like popular children's characters from TV & film. Fun & engaging for kids, but better yet it's made with 50% whole wheat! Perfect alongside our matching kid's pasta sauces. For smiles at mealtimes... It has to be Heinz!

Heinz Smooth Tomato Sauce is the perfect partner to our Heinz Kid's Dry Pasta Shapes! This smooth tomato sauce comes in a variety of children's characters themes to match our pasta for double the fun. Better yet the sauce has no added sugar or salt, perfect for the family. For smiles at mealtimes... it has to Heinz.

Pasta sauce  1 X £1.55

Pasta shapes 1 X £1.19

The Pasta Shapes are the/ product I chose to highlight this month with a recipe.

Children love pasta and they adore pasta shapes.  These Little Minnion Pasta Shapes by Heinz where the perfect thing to use in this tasty Vegetable soup which will appeal to children of all ages. 

I used a variety of vegetables in the soup which most children don't mind because of their milder flavours, and interesting textures.   

Butternut squash, sweet potatoes, onions, mild flavoured cabbage (white), green beans . . . most children enjoy all of these, and you could also add peas if you wanted to or corn . . . 

I also added some Italian Seasoning and cheese.  What child doesn't enjoy a touch of cheese.   I also served it with some hot buttered whole wheat toast.  Altogether it made for a delicious and healthy soup that was appealing to look at, colourful and had a fabulous benign texture that all of your little minnions will enjoy!

*Little Minions Vegetable Soup*
Serves 4 hearty appetites

This is quick and easy to make and so delicious.  Its a great way to get the children to eat their veggies!  You will use a large coffee mug to measure out the ingredients. 

6 coffee mugs of  vegetable stock (7 cups)
1 coffee mug of frozen chopped cabbage (about 1 heaped cup)
1 coffee mug of frozen chopped butternut squash (about 1 heaped cup
1 coffee mug of frozen chopped sweet potato (about 1 heaped cup)
1/2 coffee mug of frozen green beans (1/2 cup)
1/2 coffee mug of frozen chopped onions (1/2 cup)
1/2 coffee mug of dried pasta shapes (1/2 cup)
1 TBS tomato puree
1 tsp italian garlic seasoning
pepper to taste
2 TBS grated Parmesan cheese
salt to taste
hot buttered toast to serve 

Bring the vegetable stock to the boil.  Add all of the remaining ingredients except for the cheese.   Bring back to the boil, then simmer and cook over low heat until the vegetables and pasta are tender.  Taste and adjust seasoning as required.  Stir in the cheese.   Serve ladled into hot bowls with hot buttered toast.

Many thanks to Degustabox UK for sending me this box. I have to say I really look forward to getting my box each month. There are always lots of things in it to enjoy and new products to try out. I highly recommend. You can also tailor the boxes to your own likes and dislikes by filling in your own Taste Profile.  If you like the sound of the Degustabox October 2016 box? You can obtain yours now here and instead of £12.99 you’ll pay just £5.99! Use the discount code BEA4O . Your order will have free shipping and you will receive a surprise box containing 10 to 15 items. Many of the items are new to the market and I had personally only tried two of the items in this months box before.  

Do check out the Degustabox web page for more information and details.
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If you are in America, you can also discover more about this program by clicking on Degustabox USA.  Other offers and products are included in an American Subscription.


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