Tuna Pizza Burgers

Friday, 8 September 2017

One of my favourite subjects when I was going to school was Home Economics, and no surprise, the cooking section of the year was my favourite section!  One year in the class we made these fabulously tasty Tuna Pizza Burgers.  I fell in love with them and have been making them ever since!  My children also loved them! They are the perfect snack to bake for the kids when they fly through the door at the end of the school day "starving to death!"

This month's Degusta Box was themed the "Back To School" box and once I saw the ingredients, I immediately knew what I wanted to make.  My favourite Back to School Tuna Pizza Burgers!

Every month I am the happy recipient of a Degustabox. I love these boxes. Opening each one is a bit like opening a Christmas box. Always a surprise and always filled with things I want to try. Degustabox is a monthly foodie subscription service that sends out a range of specially selected foodie products. There's always a great mix of new products that I haven't tried before, as well as plenty of treats from more established brands. Quite often you will have the opportunity to try new products before they arrive in the shops, so it can be a bit of a sneak peak! Each Degustabox costs £12.99, delivery costs are included in the price, and there is no fixed contract involved - you can cancel at any time. I love getting these boxes!!

Before we get to the recipe a little bit about what was in the August Box. 

SEABROOK Variety Pack Crinkle Cut 1 X £1.00

Seabrook is the original crinkle cut crisp. The variety pack brings together the three most popular Seabrook flavours - Sea Salted, Sea Salt & Vinegar and Cheese & Onion. Everyone has their favourite Seabrook flavour.... What's yours?  Personally I like all the flavours, but I am afraid I am a bit boring in saying that sea salted ticks all my boxes all the time.

FRUITY POT Jelly Squeeze 2 X £0.69

The Fruitypot family of brands is a new and exciting range of fruit based products which offer a healthier snacking alternative for kids and adults alike. JellySqueeze is a truly innovative concept which introduces jelly to the next generation, available in Strawberry, Orange and Apple and Blackcurrant flavours. A fun squeezy jelly in a pouch, JellySqueeze is refreshing and re-sealable making it ideal to eat on the go or pop in a packed lunch.

Gluten and lactose free, suitable for vegans and vegetarians and schools compliant, JellySqueeze is great for kids of all ages to enjoy. JellySqueeze can be stored in the cupboard although we recommend that it's best enjoyed straight from the fridge.  I received both the Orange and the Apple & Black Currant. 

LIGHT BITES Popped Chips 2 X £0.99

Snack virtuously with Light Bites, the range of snacks all under 100 calories!

Light Bites are a range of healthy snacks for when you're looking for something light and tasty without the remorse - they're an easy, uncomplicated choice.

The range consists of gluten free and protein packed popped chips, freeze dried fruit chips and scrumptious bars enriched with superfoods such as goji berries, chia seeds and cacao nibs perfect for that mid-morning slump or evening snack. 

Light Bites popped chips are under 100 calories, gluten free, packed with fibre and protein, veggie friendly, free from artificial colours, preservatives, flavours and low in saturated fat. Popped Chips are spud free, msg and gm free too!

Available exclusively in Superdrug stores and online.

ORANGINA Limited Edition Summer Bottles 2 X £1.20 

Orangina, with it's unmistakable orange flavour, soft sparkle and real citrus pulp, makes the perfect summer drink. It is both delicious on it's own with ice and a slice of orange, or as a mixer in mocktails and cocktails. 

Love, LOVE this.

TWISTED HALO Coconut Water with Ginger and Vodka 1 X £1.50

Twisted Halo is on a mission to create the most transparent and authentic low-calorie alcoholic beverage brand, whilst never compromising on taste or quality.

The idea is simple; we blend unique, sophisticated flavour combinations with natural ingredients. We are 100% naturally flavoured and free of added sugar or sweeteners.

We are against being bland and sugary, and want to inject some fun back into the market! 
TABASCO Green Pepper Sauce 1 X £1.89

TABASCO® Green Sauce delivers great tangy flavour. It is made from mild green jalapeño peppers mixed with vinegar and salt. It's a staple flavour for Mexican food and also can be used in anything from seafood to dressings and fruit. A few dashes gives a kick to margaritas and piña-coladas.
Its quite a bit milder than regular Tabasco sauce. I like it! 

MAGGI FUSIAN Fiery Sweet Chilli and Sticky Hoisin Duck 2 X £1.39

Sticky Hoisin Duck Noodes: Rich sweet soy, oriental spice and hints of roasted duck with infused oil and veggies, create a noodles adventure in only four minutes.

Fiery Sweet Chilli Noodles: Spicy chilli and ginger with onion oil and veggies, create a fiery noodles adventure in only four minutes.
Curly Wurly Squirlies  1 X £1.99
 Bitesize chewy caramel pieces covered in Cadbury milk chocolate! A family favourite, now available in a shareable bag!
Dairy Milk Big Taste Toffee Whole Nut 1 X £0.65
Taste the Big Sensation wherever you are with Cadbury Dairy Milk Big Taste Toffee Whole Nut now available in a convenient on-the-go format! 
BAHLSEN PiCK UP Black'N White 1 X £1.69 
PiCK UP! Black ‘N White is a delicious white chocolate bar sandwiched between two crisp chocolate flavour biscuits. They are individually wrapped, locking in the freshness and perfect for on the go occasions and lunchboxes. 

REFRESHERS Softies 1 X £1.00

Whether you're eight or eighty, Refreshers Softies are sure to put a smile on your face. As one of the nation's favourite sweets, Refreshers Softies can be enjoyed by all ages and will bring about a sense of sharing and fun with a new, modern twist. 

Be prepared to be transported back to more innocent times; reminding you of long mischief-filled summers and resurrecting memories of special moments in your youth.

Refreshers Softies add a new dimension to your retro confectionery favourites – soft, fruity-flavoured and chewy, they're a twist on the much loved Refreshers sweets.
Available now in Asda and Tesco.

Over 100 years ago Richard Hellmann created Hellmann's in a deli in New York. He marked his best products by tying a blue ribbon around them. This blue ribbon is still found on the label and signifies our ongoing commitment to great quality products. For a long, long time, we've been committed to sustainable farming, responsible business, and doing right by the people who help us make Hellmann's. Not just because we think it makes our products better, but also because it's the right thing to do. It's why we only use 100% free-range eggs and source 100% of our oils responsibly in our mayonnaise. Our Real Mayonnaise is also a good natural source of Omega 3! 

Happy to say that this has always been my mayonnaise of choice.  Next to homemade, its quite simply the best in my opinion and the product I chose to highlight this month with a tasty recipe!  
This is a very retro type of recipe and something which you might have seen at teen-parties and get togethers when I was in my teens, and no small wonder!  It is perfectly portable and delicious! 
The base is quite simply plain English Muffins, split into two, and spread with some plain tomato puree, or paste as it is called in North America.  This is topped with a flavourful tuna filling, cheese and some sliced green olives. If you like Tuna and Pizza, you are simply going to LOVE these!
*Tuna Pizza Burgers*
Makes 6
A very retro type of recipe that children love. I have been making and enjoying these ever since I first baked them in highschool Home Economics class.  That tells you how old this recipe is and how tasty!

1 200g tin of albacore tuna in spring water, drained and flaked (1 7-oz tin)
2 TBS finely chopped red onion
2 TBS finely chopped green pepper
2 TBS finely chopped celery
salt and black pepper to taste
1/2 tsp oregano flakes
1/2 tsp basil flakes
1/4 tsp garlic powder
3 TBS finely grated Parmesan cheese
55g good quality mayonnaise (1/4 cup)
3 TBS tomato puree (tomato paste)
5 1/2 slices Mozarella cheese
green olives, sliced
3 English muffins split

Preheat the oven to 220*C/425*F/ gas mark 7.  Line a baking tray with aluminium foil. 
Mix together the tuna, red onion, green pepper, celery, oregano, basil, garlic powder, Parmesan cheese and salt and pepper to taste in a bowl to combine.  Stir in the mayonnaise.  Place the split English muffins on the baking tray, you should have 6 halves.  Spread each with 1/2 TBS of tomato puree.  Divide the tuna mixture amongst them evenly and spread to cover the tomato puree.  Cut the Cheese slices into quarter triangles.  Place three on top of each muffin. Top each with three slices of green olive.
Place into the preheated oven and bake for 15 to 20 minutes until heated through and golden brown.  Serve hot.

So, that was the August Degustabox - a nice selection of products as always. We loved it. The price of each Degustabox is £12.99 (including delivery). To order your box, visit www.degustabox.com Many thanks to Degustabox UK for sending me this box. I have to say I really look forward to getting my box each month. There are always lots of things in it to enjoy and new products to try out. I highly recommend. You can also tailor the boxes to your own likes and dislikes by filling in your own Taste Profile.  Do you like the sound of the Degustabox August 2017 box? Why not sign up now! I find them to be really good value for money spent and I really enjoy trying out new products that I have not tried before.  
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Note - Although I was sent a box free of charge any and all opinions are my own.


  1. VERY fun with that back-to-school box, Marie--YUM!! I've not tried the green Tabasco before, mostly I think because most shops only have the red chili kind. Your Tuna Pizza Burgers look sooo good! I want to try these for an easy Fish Friday meal. We can't get English Muffins in shops here. But I'm thinking bagels could work--can get those at least. Interesting the different "bread" traditions the world over! :) ((HUGS))

    1. Its very mild Tracy, the green tabasco. I really like it. These Tuna Pizza Burgers are fabulous! Hope you give them a go and I think bagels would work very well! xo


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