Something's Hatched in Somerset!

Monday, 1 April 2019

One of the perks I have always enjoyed as a food blogger is the opportunity I have from time to time to try new things. I probably get offers every day.  I only take a fraction of them because I really want my blog to be about the best things and I don't want it to be a huge advertisement for other things. I am really put off when I visit recipe blogs and then have to fight my way through layers of advertisements to get to the actual recipe.  Most times I give up. 

I have always  want my blog to be all about food, prepping and eating food, sharing, and the best things life has to offer us in that respect! ( And of course my experiences here in the UK!)  That's why when I was contacted and asked would I like to taste and tell you about the Wyke Farms Cheaster Egg, I jumped at the chance.  

Britain is well known for its Cheddar cheese and some of the best cheddar comes from Somerset and from Wyke Farms with its Award winning cheddars!  I was intrigued, so I said, yes, I would love to try one, and then I forgot about it.  I have a brain like a sieve sometimes. 

I was really surprised when I got this package in the post a week or so ago.  I had forgotten all about it.  It was well packed and refrigerated and I was delighted when I got inside the box and saw what it was! Behold, from the depths of Somerset, the cheese-lovers Easter dream alternative to chocolate! 

The original Cheaster Egg!  From Wyke Farms.  Presented in a cute cow mug with udders to hold it up.  Seriously cute!! 

The egg itself is quite large, weighing 250g (about 8 ounces) and is enclosed in a purple wax coating which is very easy to remove for consumption.

Cheaster® Egg is a trademarked and global patent-pending concept of Wyke Farms.

Crafted using the finest Somerset Mature Cheddar, the unique design means each Cheaster® Egg has its own coloured Mature Cheddar Yolk.  Very egg-citing!

Containing both original and coloured Wyke Farms Somerset mature cheddar, its very attractive when sliced open and I have to say, this is one very delicious cheddar cheese!   Todd and I were both smacking our lips with delight.  Todd is a real cheddar man and I confess to having a real affection for a good cheddar myself.  This was really, really, REALLY  good, and what a perfectly unique and wonderful way to wish the cheddar lovers in your family a Happy Easter.  In my opinion this blows chocolate eggs out of the water!

You can find out more about the Cheaster® egg and about how to get one or two of your own by visiting the Wyke Farm's Website.  

The Wyke family has been following farming traditions in the heart of Somerset for generations. With its mild climate and lush, green pastures for grazing, it’s the best place to make Cheddar. Farming and making cheddar is quite simply a way of life for them, and it shows in the quality of their cheese. 

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Note - although I was sent product free of charge for review, I was not paid for nor required to write a positive review in exchange.  Any opinions are my own.


  1. Replies
    1. And very tasty Monique! I'm a lucky girl! xoxo

  2. Marie, 250 gr is close to 8 ounces, so half a pound - a lot I think!

    It looks like a fun thing to eat.

    1. You are right! I have fixed it! It is very delicous cheese! xoxo


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