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Friday, 26 July 2019

I was recently asked if I would like to try the new CoChie Range of products from Triano the Tofutie people.  There was a selection of fruity shakes (Strawberry  and Mango)  and some soft spreads. (Original, Mediterranean Herb and Thai Chili & Lime.)  

Triano Brands was established in 1995 and is a non-dairy food manufacturer and distributor.  During this time they have supplied all the major supermarket outlets. In 1997 they won exclusive rights to distribut Tofutti products to Europe, Scandanavia and the Middle East and are at present exporting to over 27 countries. 

These CoChie range of products are dairy free, gluten free, and Vegan approved, with coconut being the majority of their ingredients.  

At present they product two type of Shakies, Strawberry and Mango. I quite liked both of these.  I did find them a bit on the sweet side, but I haven't been eating anything with sugar in it lately so it could be that.  They were quite delicious actually, however sweet they seemed to taste.

Overall they contain mostly coconut milk, some water, fruit puree, sugar, stabilisers, natural flavouring, colourings and citric acid.  All of the carbs come from sugar, but it is still a relatively low amount.  

If you are a Vegan and wanting to stay away from dairy, I feel these would make a delicious alternative to milk based shakes and drinks.  They would also make a nice breakfast drink.  

Shakies can also be stored ambiently for up to 9 months which means you can keep them in the cupboard and then chill as needed.

Strawberry Shakie (250ml) RRP: £1.99
Mango Shakie (250ml) RRP: £1.99

  Cochie Softy was formulated to bring to the table a delicious, allergen free whipped creamy spread for people of all ages and dietary requirements.  Enriched with coconut oil, it has a lush creamy texture.

This is a photograph of the ingredients on the herbed one so you can see roughly what they contain. Free from dairy, free from lactose, free from gluten and free from soya.

I have to say that I found the original one to be quite bland flavour-wise.  But perhaps that is just me. It did have a nice texture and was perfectly spreadable, and I could see where you would be able to stir it into sauces to give them a rich creaminess without having to resort to dairy, or in baked goods.

The other two, the Mediterranean Herb and the Thai Chili & Lime had a lot more flavour and were quite appealing.  I quite enjoyed them spread on a cracker. They would also be nice in sauces and baked goods.  

These must be stored in the refrigerator and have a shelf life of up to 9 months prior to opening.  Once opened they should be consumed within 3 days.

Softy Original 150g RRP £2.29 (22.3 kcals per tablespoon)
Softy Mediterranean Herb 150 g RRP £2.29 (22.6 kcals per tablespoon)
Softy Thai Chilli and Lime 150g RRP £2.29 (22.6 kcals per tablespoon)

There are also a variety of recipes available for you to use on their site.  

I think its pretty wonderful that people who have allergies to wheat and dairy, or who have an abhorrence  to using anything animal based have such wonderful alternatives available to them today

I have always said that one of the things I like about having a food blog is the opportunity I have to try new things.  Its afforded me a chance to try many things I would not have otherwise been able to try.  Many thanks to Triano brands for sending me these tasty products to try.

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