How To Make Acai Bowl in a Blender

Tuesday 18 January 2022


How To Make Acai Bowl in a Blender

Acai bowls are a delicious and healthy breakfast or snack that can be made in a blender. They're also easy to make!

In this article, you'll learn how to make acai bowls using fresh ingredients from your local grocery store. This recipe is vegan-friendly and gluten-free, so it's perfect for anyone with dietary restrictions. Enjoy! 

What Is Acai?

Acai is a small berry with a deep purple colour and a tangy flavour. It's commonly found growing in palm trees on the Brazilian coast, where it's been eaten for centuries.

These berries are full of antioxidants and can be used to combat aging and free radicals – especially important if you eat the acai bowl right away! In fact, many people say that acai bowls have more nutritional value than typical breakfast cereal or smoothies.

Where To Buy Acai

You can typically buy frozen bags of pure acai from natural foods stores like Whole Foods Market. The store-bought version isn't as nutritious as fresh acai, but it'll do in a pinch!

You may also find acai in powdered form or as an ingredient in health bars.

What Is An Acai Bowl?

Acai Bowl 

An acai bowl is a mixture of frozen and fresh acai puree, other fruit like banana or strawberries, and other ingredients like nut butters, honey, and granola. It's similar to a smoothie with thicker consistency, making it perfect for eating with a spoon.

Acai purée is typically sweetened with bananas or honey. The tarter acai tastes are balanced by the sweeter fruits included in the bowl.

The Perfect Acai Bowl Ratio

You can't just throw all your favourite things together into an acai bowl – there's actually a science behind what you put where! If you want your breakfast to taste great every time, here's what you need to about the perfect ratio:

1.    Acai purée: 2-3 tablespoons

2.    Banana or pretty fruit: ¼ - ½ of a whole banana

3.    Granola, honey, and nut butter: as desired!

What Equipment Do I Need?

You won't need much to make an acai bowl – just a blender for smoothie bowls and a spoon. If you're not using the frozen acai packs that are easily found in most grocery stores, be sure to use a high-powered blender like a Vitamix – otherwise your consistency will end up chunky!

You can also use an immersion blender if you don't have anything else available. Have fun experimenting with different ingredients, but remember that this basic recipe is all you really need to get started on your acai bowl journey.

Can You Make Acai Bowls In A Regular Blender?

Acai bowls are made with acai puree, which is expensive, so it's helpful to know whether or not you can make this recipe in a standard blender. The answer is yes!

In fact, most smoothie recipes will work well in a regular blender, as long as the ingredients are moist enough. Acai puree definitely falls into that category since it's soaked overnight and blended anyway.

Acai Bowl Ingredients

All you need to make an acai bowl is frozen acai, bananas, and other fruit. Some people like to add yogurt for extra protein and sweetness, but it's not necessary.

Acai bowls taste best with fresh ingredients, so be sure to use fruits that are in season (berries are always a good choice). You can also use Greek yogurt if you're looking for more protein.

Here's what you'll need:

1.    2 cups frozen acai berries

2.    1 banana

3.    ½ cup blueberries

4.    ¼ cup strawberries (sliced)

5.    1 tablespoon honey or agave nectar

6.    ½ cup Greek yogurt (optional)

Making The Acai Bowl

Acai Bowl

The first step of this recipe is to blend the acai berries and frozen bananas. This mixture will help keep your bowl cold, and it'll also provide a base for all of your other ingredients. Feel free to add any additional liquids or flavours at this time!

Next, add in some fresh fruit like blueberries and sliced strawberries. You can skip the honey or agave nectar if you're using sweetened Greek yogurt.

For an even sweeter treat, consider adding granola on top!

That's basically it – just pour your ingredients into a bowl and enjoy :)

Refrigerating Your Acai Bowl

If you have leftovers of this acai bowl, cover the dish and keep it in the refrigerator. You can eat it for up to three days while maintaining a delicious taste and solid texture.

Acai bowls tend to separate when they sit overnight, so you're better off making a new one the next morning :)

Acai Bowl Substitutions

Since acai bowls are easy to make vegan, vegetarian, or even gluten-free, you won't have any trouble finding alternatives if certain ingredients don't work out. Here are some common substitutions:

Vegan substitute: Use almond milk instead of regular milk or Greek yogurt instead of dairy yogurt.

Gluten-free substitute: Swap out oats for granola (make sure your granola is gluten-free, too!)

Vegetarian substitute: Use honey instead of agave nectar. Or just skip the sweetener altogether!

Tips And Tricks

Even if you have a high-powered blender, you'll get the best results with acai puree that's been frozen overnight. Don't skip this step or your consistency will end up chunky!

Feel free to add in different ingredients like shredded coconut, cinnamon, and other spices for extra flavours. For an even sweeter treat, consider adding granola on top! 

Make sure you have a high-powered blender for this recipe. Acai bowls with a low-quality blender won't be as smooth, and the consistency will end up chunky!

Is an Acai Bowl Good For You?

As far as acai bowl benefits go, it can be hard to beat their nutritional profile. While green smoothies have been touted as a superfood in recent years, acai is actually what's called an "antioxidant-rich superfruit", as per Blending Gadgets. This means that its antioxidants are more potent than those found in blueberries or other types of berries.

Antioxidants can protect your cells from damage and even improve skin health, so it's no surprise that antioxidants are among the most popular acai bowl benefits.

An acai bowl is also high in fibre, which keeps you feeling full for longer. Fibre can also help lower bad cholesterol levels and reduce the risk of heart disease – meaning this superfood might just save your life.

Eating Acai Bowls Regularly

As long as you don't use too much honey or agave nectar, it's okay to eat acai bowls often. Once again, try to enjoy your acai bowl guilt-free!

What Is The Difference Between An Acai Bowl And A Smoothie?

One big difference between an acai bowl and a smoothie is texture. Roughly speaking, smoothies are usually thinner than acai bowls because they lack any chunky ingredients.

Another difference is that smoothies are usually served cold, while acai bowls are served at room temperature.


As you can see, acai bowls are an easy breakfast treat to make at home. You don't need any special equipment or ingredients, so they're perfect for anyone who's busy in the morning but wants something tasty and nutritious before leaving the house!

If you have any additional questions about how long you can store your acai bowl or what types of fruit work best, leave a comment below.


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