Monday 26 July 2010

Holiday Treats

Well, here I am back from my Nova Scotian summer holiday and have I ever had a wonderful time!!!! During the past three weeks I have eaten some pretty incredible things . . . indulging myself at whim with all the things that I can't get over here, tasty treats from home . . . once every three year gastronomical delights!

Things like . . .

A good feed of my mom's homemade baked beans . . . all molassessy and scrummy, served with oodles of homemade bread slathered in lots of cold butter . . .

Several Hot Turkey Sandwiches . . . a real Canadian treat, with lots of tender turkey, tasty gravy, fluffy mashed spuds and carrots . . . along with cranberry sauce and some incredibly delicious coleslaw! Not once, but twice . . . ahem . . . Have I mentioned that I am a bit of a glutton?

The naughty indulgences of Pillsbury Pizza pops, North American Hot dogs, Kraft Macaroni and Cheese Dinner, Crispy Crunch chocolate bars . . .

And that old childhood favourite, Cap'n Crunch Cereal . . . yes . . . a big tasty bowlful every morning. *blush*

An incredible Cassoulet cooked by my son . . . rich and chock full of deliciously tender pieces of duck and smokey sausage . . . oh my but was it good . . .

A gargantual feast of Chinese Fried Chicken wings at the local Chinese Buffet place . . . oh sure, I had a few other things . . . like wontons and chicken balls . . . not to mention some beef and broccoli and noodles . . . but it is the wings that get me every time. They are one of the things I really look forward to eating when I am back home in Nova Scotia . . .

AN incredibly rich and delicious vanilla and choclate swirl soft ice cream at a roadside ice cream parlour in Berwick Nova Scotia, served up in a waffle cone . . . such a treat on a hot, hot, hot day!! I can't believe I ate the whole thing!!

Oh so yummy rich and tasty Date Cream Pie, with a buttery crust and fluffy meringue topping. This was some good eating!

A feed of buttery, fresh Nova Scotia local Peaches and Cream Corn . . . I just couldn't get enough of it. I think I ate 4 ears!

The best pan fried Haddock I have ever eaten, served up in a little local restaurant on Long Island, just off of the Digby Neck. It was cooked perfectly and served up with a tasty side order of delicious mash and fresh valley vegetables. Oh my, but this was good, seriously good!

My mom's fresh dinner rolls. Does anyone ever make rolls as good as your mama??? I don't think so!!

A wonderful salmon dinner at a friends house . . . marinated all day in his secret marinade, and then cooked on a cedar plank over the barbeque, this was fabulous!! Served with fresh locak green and yellow wax beans and some tasty roasted potatoes,onions and carrots. I went back for a second helping of the salmon, it was soooooo good!! (I know . . . me bad!)

Sweet and tasty local valley Strawberries, with oodles of cream and sugar on top. Ahhh . . . the taste of a Nova Scotia July . . .

You can't travel in the maritimes without feasting at least once on a tasty Lobster Roll. Lobster is as cheap as chips back home and most places have a Lobster Roll on the menu, filled to overflowing with rich and tasty Maritime Lobster . . . even McDonald's serves them!

And last but not least the most heavenly Coconut Cream Pie on the planet . . . rich and creamy and stogged full of lovely, sweet flaked coconut . . .

Yes . . . I ate every single crumb . . . and enjoyed every mouthful!

Pssttt . . . I also managed to tuck in several Turkey Subs from our local Sub Way, filled to overflowing with lots of pickles, hot peppers and um . . . olives, onions, lettuce, tomatoes, cheese and umm . . . yes . . . turkey! (We won't talk about the Cherry Cheese Danish from Tim Hortons or the iced caps!) Guilty as charged.

The diet starts today.

Or well . . . maybe not.


  1. Oh Marie! Here I was expecting some lovely photos of you, Todd and your family and we!! Not that I'm complaining, there's a few of those that I'd like the recipe for, the date thing for instance, I just LOVE dates! I'm so pleased you had a wonderful time but I'm also pleased you're back, thank you for the postcard too!
    Looking forward to more posts about your trip!~~~Love, Pat xx

  2. Ellerinize, emeğinize sağlık. Çok leziz ve iştah açıcı görüntüsü var.


  3. Hi Marie,
    Those photos are great! Sounds like you had a wonderful holiday of re disvovery back home. You made good memories to keep you close to Canada.

  4. Oh, happy day! My friend is back in her English Kitchen! The world is right again!

    Wow--what a lot of delicious meals you had, Marie! And what beautiful photos you took of it all!

    Looking forward to seeing what you've got cooking when I get home from camp next week...last trip of the summer...then home for a good long time!

    Much love sent to you tonight, dear friend!


  5. It is so good to see you back, glad you had a great time:) The food looks AMAZING!!!

  6. I am so glad you are back as you are my inspiration. Your trip looks wonderful and scrumptous. Makes me really homesick for Dairy Queen down in Texas.

  7. Wow!!! What an eating fest you had!!! That's what holidays are all about, no need to feel guilty when it's once in three years!!!!!!!!! It was so great to see you and Todd, happy to hear you are back home safely! Hugs, Elly

  8. Welcome back! What's a holiday without some delicious treats?!

  9. Welcome home, dear Marie! Feasting on treats while visiting home is essential...don't I know... LOL! Your Nova Scotia could be mine in Pennsylvania... so many of the food traditions seem to cross over, don't they? I miss real baked beans (molasses is hard to get here)... Don't think I could eat Cap'n Crunch now, but liked it as a kid. I only do meusli now! LOVED this tasty post, my friend. Glad to have you back--you were much missed! :o) LOVE YOU HEAPS ((BIG HUGS))

  10. Wonderful that you are back, sounds like you had a super gastronomique time!! (sp?)

    I would miss every one of these foods were I to move away from I can imagine how much you enjoyed them...not that I eat some of them very often mind, but they do mean home...

  11. I do a blog, has nothing to do with food, but I have you on my follow list. Your food pics are just fabulous and the recipes... OH MY! I feast every time I visit your blog! Thanks for cooking for me... if I cooked all this wondeful stuff - heaven help the scale! Keep it up, its awesome!

  12. Now you are making me homesick! Only 5 more weeks for me and I'm back to the Northeast for at least 2 years...

    I have made my mom's baked beans here in Israel, but it's not really the same without the salt pork.

  13. I'll see what I can do about a recipe for the pie Pat. You just can't beat homemade beans Tracy, and Heather, my mom's are the best! She makes them with salt pork of course and bakes them all day in a slow oven in her ceramic bean crock. It just wouldn't be a trip home without at least one feed of them!! Karen thanks so much for your lovely comments!

  14. Welcome back! It looks like you had a delicious time!!!

    Thanks for all those yummy pics, I think I gained 20lbs, lol!!!

  15. Out of all those things that you ate, I think I would keep on going back for the beans.....followed by the ice cream. What? No ice cream left? Extra beans then, please

  16. Welcome back Marie! So pleased you had a great time. All that food looks lovely!!
    Sorry I didn't wish you a nice holiday but I didn't realise you'd gone with me being away). xoxo

  17. I am so glad you are back!

  18. Can I suggest you treat yourself to a trip home more often? I don't know how you stay away...! Beautiful photos

  19. Wow - that is an impressive list of food ;0)
    Welcome back, we've missed you!

  20. Welcome back! I know what you mean by the food. I've just come back from vacation in Rhode Island, which is my birth state. I'm living in Southern California which is close to 3000 miles away. I indulged in many of the foods that just aren't available anywhere else, and enjoyed the sight and sounds of a different ocean. It'' be at least a year or more before I'm back there again so indulgence was in order.

  21. I'm SO GLAD you're back! I found your blog right before you left and it became an instant favorite of mine. Then, it was torture waiting for you to come back and post more goodies! :) FABULOUS POST! Everything sounds just amazing. And now... I'm starving! haha!

  22. Oh Marie, I missed you!! We just got back too and I'm trying to catch up- how wonderful to find you back! Glad you had a great trip ! :)
    xoxo Pattie

  23. Ooooh, Marie, it's so good to have you back -- in the kitchen. I've been over at the oak cottage and marveled over your family photos -- especially the beautiful baby boy! Okay, the terrific toddler. Loved reading about your summer memories and I'm wondering if you picked up some ears of corn at the market? I'm REALLY wondering what IS the difference between North American and British corn? Anyway, I'm happy you're home, thrilled to hear you had a wonderful time and am drooling over the photo of the coconut cream pie. My favorite. I hate to say this, but I've NEVER made a pie. I'm probably the ONLY person, on earth, who hasn't. :( One day, I WILL make a pie. The thought of preparing the crust intimidates me. Making a pie is on my bucket list.

  24. Gorgeous photos from home! I hope you'll make some of those dishes yourself so home won't feel so far away.


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