Thursday 18 November 2010

Ultimate Cheese on Toast and a Durned Good Cookery Book!

Several weeks ago, Fiona from Octopus Publishing contacted me to see if I would like to review a cookery book for her . . . Leon, Book 2, Naturally Fast Food.

You know me! I jumped at the chance! I love cookery books and can never have enough. When I am in a cookbook store I am like a kid in a candy shop! I have spent hundreds, maybe even thousands, of pounds on cookery books through the years, so much so that we have a whole room full of them, well 10 bookcases full at any rate! (I know . . . ME <=== ObSeSseD!) LEON is a high street fast food joint, of which there are quite a few in the London area. Their goal is to bring the best food to the most people. This is their second book.

I wasn't quite sure what to think of it when it arrived. It has a very attractive cover, somewhat reminiscent of a wooden fruit crate, very nostalgic. Inside it seemed a bit disjointed at first . . . it's not an easy read like most cookbooks . . . it begs to be really absorbed and read slowly, savoured as it were, in a leisurely manner . . . it is then that you realize what a real treasure, it truly is!

It is chock full of lovely, quick and easy recipes that are easy on the budget and family friendly, divided into such tasty sections as Fast Food, Slow Fast Food, and Bonus Features, and in each of those some taste tempting chapters as Rapid Breakfasts, Quick Suppers and Lunches, Slow Cooks and Stews, Pot Roasts . . . to name but a few. It is also filled with some wonderful tips and ideas!

In short, I highly recommend. I just might treat myself to volume one for Christmas . . . ahem . . . shhh . . . don't tell the Toddster!

*Ultimate Cheese On Toast*
Taken from Leon Book 2, Naturally Fast Food, Corner Shop Classics
Printable Recipe

Tasty, Tasty. TASTY!!

1. A good bread toasted
2. Butter, spread on the toast
3. Dijon Mustard, spread on top of the butter
4. Fine slices of tomato, in one layer on top of the mustard.
5. Cheddar Cheese (A good one if you have it), sliced into pieces the thickness of a hardback book cover and laid on top of the tomato, 2 slices deep.
6. A good fresh grind of black pepper
7. Put under the grill until melted and starting to bubble and brown.
8. Splash on the Worcestershire Sauce.
9. Eat on it's own or with Baked Beans.

Variations On A Theme
*Cheese and Onion - Grate the cheese and mix it with some finely sliced onion.
*Hot Horseradish - Replace the Dijon mustard with some horseradish sauce.
*Cheese on Sea - Slice a tinned Sardine in half and put it on top of the tomatoes before adding the cheese.

This was incredibly, moreishly, succulently deliciously GOOD!

Leon 2: Naturally Fast Food is published by Conran Octopus.
Thank you to Fiona at Octopus books for sending me this copy.


  1. that toast looks so delicious! wanna try it myself

  2. Looks like a good one and the food looks just like something I would love! ;D

  3. Such a simple dish, yet sometimes it's the simple things in life that we treasure the most.

  4. Well, I was just thinking of making this recipe a subs for a pizza toppings. Hmmm... How would it tastes like???

  5. Love your review....
    You've peaked my interest!
    And this recipe would
    make anyone smile!
    xx Suzanne

  6. How did they miss out the utterly fabulous cheese on toast variation with pesto underneath the cheese?

    Sounds like I'll have to add this book to my list of temptations I must remember to resist though!


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