Friday 29 November 2013

I am such a lucky gal . . .

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I do get sent the nicest things.   This week I got this handy candy apple red Kitchen Aid Mezzaluna from the people at Red Candy.   If you aren't familiar with Red Candy, it's a company which specializes in all things red!  If Funky Home Accessories and ravishing Red Kitchen Accessories are your cup of tea, then this is the place for you!

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The Kitchen Aid Mezzaluna is a fine edged stainless steel cutter.  You cut things merely by rocking the sharp fine edges stainless steel blade over them.     It has a comfy red sure grip handle which feels really comfortable in the hands and comes with a matching red blade cover which helps to protect the blade from scratches and you from getting cut when you reach into the drawer. It's also dishwasher safe.

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I've been using it all week for chopping all sorts . . . onions, carrots, herbs, etc. and it has performed very well.   It also comes with a one year hassle free replacement and Lifetime Limited Warranty.  It's ace, which is just what you would expect from the Kitchen Aid brand.

£28 at Red Candy.

Many thanks to Red Candy for sending these to me!

Something else which I received which is really nice are the Holy Lama Spice Drops.  I was send an assortment of five different ones  . . . Garlic extract, Peppermint extract, Garama Masala Extract, Tea Massala extract and Cinnamon extract.

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Holy Lama Naturals "Spice drops" are a natural transition from powdered or whole spices to easily soluble &  longer lasting, liquid spices!

• Highly concentrated extract of the natural spice
• 3 years shelf life
• Consistent in every drop
• Easy to blend
• No artificial colours, flavours or preservatives!
• Easy to store
• Easy to use and handy time saver
• Ready to use combinations like mulled wine spices, spiced tea, etc.

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Each comes in it's own eye dropper bottle, easy to store and easy to use. No more crushing or grating.  A drop is all you need.  It is recommended that  you add them just at the end of your cooking time, so that doesn't make them very good for baking with, but I have been using them all week and found they added a nice natural flavour to my curries and stews. I especially like the garlic  You can find out more about them and where you can buy them on the Holy Lama Page.  They come in quite a few different varieties.  Many thanks to the Holy Lama people for sending these to me.  I will certainly be using more of them. I especially like the cinnamon, mint and the garlic.  The cinnamon is great in hot drinks, as is the mint (think hot chocolate here!) and the garlic was excellent when added to my soups and stews.

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