Salmon Supper Dish

Tuesday 1 May 2012

 Salmon Supper Dish

You would probably be forgiven if you think this dish to be quite unremarkable . . . but then again, you haven't tasted it yet, have you??

 Salmon Supper Dish

This is one of my favourite supper dishes from out of my Big Blue Binder. It is simple and plain, nothing pretentious here, but really, don't you think that those are the best types of recipes???? I do!

 Salmon Supper Dish

Not only is this simply delicious, but it is also very easy to make and quite, quite economical.

 Salmon Supper Dish

It makes good use of leftover fish and vegetables, if that's what you have and what you are wanting to use up. 

 But, in truth, I have even been known to cook vegetables specifically to make this dish . . . it's just that good that you won't mind the extra effort taken.

 Salmon Supper Dish

Deliciously colorful vegetables mixed with salmon (my preference, but you can use whichever fish you have) in a creamy rich sauce, and topped with fluffy mashed potatoes, brushed with butter and then baked until the whole thing is bubbling and golden brown.   

You can also use broccoli, which is especially delicious, especially if you add a bit of cheese to the sauce.

Salmon Supper Dish

I suppose if you really wanted to go all out you could add some cheese to the potato before piling it on top of the casserole. 

 I always make my mash with buttermilk and some grated onion for extra flavor, but that's just me.  It is rather good though.

Salmon Supper Dish

You will want to serve some crusty bread with this so that you can sop up all of that delicious sauce!

 Salmon Supper Dish

*Salmon Supper Dish*
Serves 4 to 6
Printable Recipe

This is a good, old fashioned supper dish, which makes good use of leftover fish and vegetables.  Of course, if you don't have any leftovers, you can use fresh.  Delicious ingenuity!

For the sauce:
3 TBS butter
3 TBS plain flour
1/2 tsp salt
1 TBS grated onion
1/4 tsp ground white pepper
375ml of milk (1 1/2 cups), warmed

For the casserole:
1 tall can of salmon, skin and bone discarded, and flaked (or an equivalent amount of leftover cooked salmon,
skinned and boned, my preference)
1 cup of leftover cooked peas
1 cup of leftover cooked carrots
1 cup of leftover cooked corn
2 or more cups of leftover mashed potatoes (I make mine with buttermilk and
grated onion for more flavour.  Salt and pepper as well as a knob of butter.)
Melted butter to brush on top (I just spritz mine with some nonfat cooking spray)

First make the sauce.  Melt the butter in a saucepan over medium heat.  Whisk in the flour and cook for about 1 minute.  Add the salt and grated onion, along with the warm milk, whisking the milk in slowly.  Cook and stir constantly until the mixture bubbles and thickens.  Cook for several minutes longer.  Season with the salt and white pepper.  Taste and adjust as needed.  Set aside.

Preheat the oven to 200*C./400*F/ gas mark 6.  Butter a 1 litre casserole dish.  Add the vegetables and flaked fish to the sauce.  Pour this into the buttered casserole dish.  If you are using leftover mashed potatoes, whisk them with a fork to loosen them a bit.  Pile the potato on top of the fish mixture.  I like to make it a bit rough looking, so I just dollop it on, but you can pipe it on, or spread it on, whatever is your preference.  Brush with melted butter if desired.

Bake in the heated oven for about 25 minutes until bubbling and golden brown.  Remove from the oven and let sit for about 5 minutes before serving.


  1. This sounds really good and might be just the thing for tonight's supper. I sometimes throw a handful of sliced leeks in with potatoes if I'm going to mash them - just for the last 5 minutes or so.

  2. I've often made a similar dish to your recipe too.

    I like the sound of grated onion in the mash, thanks.

  3. I have left over sweet potato/plain potato mashed together. I wonder if it would work?

  4. Marie this look absolutely delicious for me:) love the pictures dear, send you huggs, xxxxx

    I didnt a lot in Blogger a lot of work and my old dog (rex) is sick:(

  5. Ohh this sounds so good - real comfort food at it's best - it would go down well in my house!!
    Mary oxo

  6. Wow, this looks really good, and as always, your photos are making my mouth water.


  7. Intriguing supper dish. It is inviting me to eat it. I love the creamy sauce in it. Yum! =)

  8. I finally made this tonight using both cheese and grated onion in the sauce and in the potatoes. DH said
    'this is excellent' and he was quite right. I used fresh cooked veg and tinned salmon. I shall definitely be making this again:)

  9. This is fabulous. Cooked it the other night for husband who loved it even though he's not that keen on fish. Used fresh steamed flaked salmon and the broccoli with a good handful of cheese in the sauce. It will definitely go into rotation here.

  10. I think this would also be great with left over chicken! You come up with so many great recipes!

    1. You are right Cynthia! Chicken would also be good in this, as well as leftover turkey! xo

  11. This was last night's dinner and we enjoyed it very much. I used freshly steamed salmon that I flaked as you cannot buy tinned salmon at all here. Isn't that strange when you think of all the salmon they catch here. I added some leeks, celery and broccoli as I was clearing out the vegetable drawer in the fridge. Lovely creamy sauce and a very filling, hearty dish on a cold day.

    1. It is wierd for sure. You would think that tinned salmon would be in abundance, but I am thinking fresh poached or steamed salmon would be better. I am so pleased you enjoyed this and applaud your additions! Sounds fabulous! xoxo


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