Tuesday 19 June 2012

My friend Eleanor from Shrewd PR sent me the neatest little packet the other day. Inside it was a packet of these new egg cookers called "Poachies!"

Poaching eggs can be a real hassle for some people, and even I don't get it right all of the time . . . it can be really difficult keeping them into a tidy little parcel . . . perfectly rounded and ready to set on a crisp piece of buttered toast! And there is no end to the hints and techniques bandied about on how to perfectly poach an egg. Let's face it . . . it's not as simple as just cracking an egg into a frying pan filled with sizzling butter and cooking it.

I've tried all sorts of methods . . . using vinegar, salt . . . and even soda . . . you name it. I've tried dropping the eggs into a little whirlpool of simmering water (said to keep it in a neat and tidy little parcel) and slipping it from a bowl into simmering water, without the whirlpool . . . you name it, I've tried it and it's always hit and miss. Sometimes you get it right . . . and sometimes you don't.

Well that doesn't have to be a problem any longer. These fabulous revolutionary little things have just taken all the guess work and hassle out of making perfectly poached eggs! I kid you not!

It's as easy as cracking an egg into a little paper sac and lowering the sac into simmering water. The paper keeps the egg intact and still allows the water to penetrate it, cooking them in the perfect little poached egg shape . . . kind of like a tea bag . . . for eggs, if that makes sense!

The package comes with fabulous instructions printed on the back. It's very hard to get it wrong if you follow them. I've tried them a few times now . . . and every time has resulted in perfectly poached eggs . . . with no hassle and no fuss!

Easy peasy, lemon squeasy and so much healthier for you too than fried eggs!

And they were soooooo easy to use! I found a neat really neat video of the process on You Tube!! (What can't you find on You Tube!) I thought it would be great for you to see them in action, so click away!

I think I have found a brand new favourite kitchen tool!

Proper water poached eggs, perfect every time. You can't beat that!

Poachies are available at Waitrose, Cook Shops Department Stores, retailing at the very affordable price of £2.99 for a packet of 20.

You can read more about them here, and there is even a buy now button on that page which offers free delivery!

Many thanks to Eleanor and Poachies! I just love them and highly recommend! They take all the guess work and hassle out of poaching eggs! I'm all for that!!


  1. So cute..they are affordable..In the UK:) Things get here eventually:)

  2. How novel! I've never seen them in the stores here in the states. I recently bought an egg poacher made by RSVP Endurance that I love. It's a small, heavy stainless steel pot with an insert for the egg. Works great and the nice little pot doubles for many other uses.

  3. I LOVE poached eggs so this has made me extremely excited. Looks divine.

  4. My solution for fool proof poached eggs was the silicone egg poaching cups I bought from King Arthur Flour in the US. They float on top of the water, and allow for perfectly poached eggs. You just have to lightly butter the cups, prior to cracking the eggs into them, so as to make it easier for them to slide out.

  5. Tried these the other day but found the narrowness of the botto of the pouch made the egg squashed up too much so next time I will fold the pouch up from the bottom so the egg sits higher up and is spread out more . I also have some coffee filter papers which I might try as a substitute .

    1. Coffee filter papers would work fine as they are essentially the same thing, albeit quite a bit larer SB.


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