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Friday 31 August 2012

Freezers Can Help You Get Magic for Money

When you think about the meal planning, then it is extremely essential that you must have a freezer. You must keep your freezer clean and organized in order to get full help to save the extra things and foods that can be spoiled.

Most of the time, a freezer is considered as the best friend and it can also do much magic. When you start freezing the extra food in your freezer, then you come to realize about how you can save your money using the beneficial freezer. It does not only save your money but also saves your time that you can spend with your family.

When you cook large amount of food during the weekends, you can also store these foods in the freezer to keep them save so that they can be used later on. You can fill your freezer with the freezing bags that contain different ingredients in it. So in order to store a number of ingredients and food items in your freezer, you must keep your freezer well organized and clean. Throwing the freezer bags in the freezer makes it messy and dirty.

Different tips to use the freezer for saving time and money

• If you want to organize your freezer completely, you must keep it clean. Take all the ingredients and bags out of your freezer and throw away all the expired things from the freezer. After cleaning the freezer, keep the fresh items in the freezer again and do remember, you have to set the temperature of the freezer to 0 degree. It is an extremely important point that most of people forget.
• Make different sections in your freezer, so that you may keep different kinds of food in it. Just like the right side is for meat, left side is for vegetables and the door side is for the ice cream. Do your best and do whatever suits you.
• Try to store all the cooked meals and groceries in the food packages that must be waterproof. You can also use the containers, plastic bags and aluminum foils etc.
• During the storage of food, always notice that there should no air in the container of the plastic bag. It will dehydrate the food and make it inedible for the people. So if you do not want to spoil your food then you must be very careful that there must be no air in the container.
• Once you defrost the food, you should not store it again in the freezer. Therefore, it is mostly advice to store food in small packages rather than in large packages. So the best thing is that you must save them as food per serving in one package.
• In order to manage your freezer, you must use label. In these labels, you should mention what kind of food or ingredient is inside. You must also write the date when you bought it from the market and the date when you prepared it. Also, write the date by which you can use the ingredient or food item.
• Whatever you keep in your freezer, always try to keep it in pressed form. All the food items kept in the pressed form will occupy less space and allow you to store more items in it. Therefore, it is mostly advised to store all the ingredients and items in the form of bags.
• The quick defrosting of the food kills its nutrition and moisturizer away from it. You must defrost it one day before you are going to use it. If you forgot to do it one day before, you should throw it in cold water and defrost it.

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