Maltesers Christmas Pudding

Monday 30 November 2015

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Here is a really fun idea that would make fabulous and unusual gifts for your friends and family this Christmas.  They are cute, tasty and really easy to make . . .  a really fabulous edible novelty gift!  And of course it uses everyone's favourites Malteasers Chocolate Malt Balls and Terry's Chocolate Oranges.  (Which come in all sorts of flavours now instead of just the orange flavour.  AND, I picked up some for only £1 a piece.  If you buy the big box of Maltesers, you will get enough malt balls in it to cover several oranges.)  These are really cute!!

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So here is what I used . . .  one chocolate orange . . .  a box of Maltesers . .  and some Dr Oetkers Fine Cooks Chocolate and White Chocolate.  Obviously you will use all of the orange, but only about half the box of Maltesers,and  half of the white and about a third of the dark chocolates.

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You will begin by covering one end (I started with the bottom) of the chocolate orange, putting one in the centre and sticking it on with some melted dark chocolate.  You want it to be a bit tacky so let it cool a bit.  Once you get about three layers done, flip the orange the other way around so your already stuck on maltesers are on the bottom.  The rest of the rows will stick on easy peasy because their weight will be supported by the row below it.

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You cover the whole ball and then . . . you leave it to set until it is well and truly set before you spoon melted white chocolate down over the top to look like Christmas Pudding hard sauce!

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The end result is really gorgeous I think.  So much fun!  Make sure your white chocolate is not too hot or you will maltesers.  This is the voice of experience talking here!  Trust me!

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A bit of holly on top  . . .  if I was in North America I would use candied cherries and sliced mint leaf jellies for more sugary goodness.

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Wrapped in a bit of clear cellophane and tied with a ribbon on the top, you end up with a beautiful gift!  I cannot think of one person that wouldn't be happy to get one of these tasty Christmas Puddings!  Can you??

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*Maltesers Christmas Pudding*
Makes one

This isn't a Christmas pudding at all but a novelty confection using several holiday favourites and a few bits and pieces!  It looks complicated, but it really isn't! These make fabulous gifts! 

40g (1 1/2 ounces) dark chocolate, broken into squares
75g (3 ounces) white chocolate broken into squares
1 Terry's Chocolate Orange, unwrapped
1 box of malteasers chocolate malt balls
a bit of greenery and red bit for decorating the top

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First you will want to melt your dark chocolate.  I put mine in a small microwavable bowl and microwaved it on high for 1 minute, stirring it halfway through the cook time.  Let it stand for a few minutes until it becomes a bit tacky.  Unwrap your chocolate orange and open your malteasers.  Begin on the bottom of the chocolate orange.  Dip one of the malteasers into the melted chocolate and place it in the centre of the chocolate orange.  Don't use too much or too little.  You will find that most of the Malteasers have a side which is almost flat, that is the side I used to stick to the chocolate orange.  You may need to hold it for a few seconds for it to stick.  Try not to hold it for too long as the chocolate on the malteaser will begin to melt from the heat of your fingers.   Now begin to cover the ball with more malted milk balls in much the same way, working your way around the orange in rows.  These first few rows are the hardest, but once you get the done and they are well and truly stuck it will be easier.

Once you have about 3 rows down, flip the orange over so that these are on the bottom.  Now you can work your way up the orange to the top.  The previous rows will help to support the rows you are adding.  Cover it completely finishing it at the top   Allow to set completely.   Place yoru white chocolate into a small microwavable bowl.  Microwave on high for 30 second bursts until it is melted.  Allow it to cool some.  You won't want it really hot as it will melt the chocolate on the malteasers when you apply it if you do.  You want it still drizzable, but lukewarmish.   Spoon it over the top of the malteaser covered chocolate orange.  You will need to do one layer first to fill in all of the gaps and crevices so that you have a smoother finish.   Apply the last of it so that it looks like white sauce kind of dripping down the ball.  Stick a bit of holly on top while it's still tacky.  Allow to set completely before wrapping to give away.

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No, these are not diabetic friendly and a big no no . . .  but for those who can enjoy a sugar indulgence now and again, they're a really tasty and cute treat!  HO! HO! HO!  Merry Christmas! (Only 25 days to go!)

For more Christmas fun check out this new video by Dr Oetker!  They have created the world's first edible Christmas Jumper!  What fun!


  1. Love Christmas's pudding Marie.
    This look stunning.
    Love and blessings :)

    1. Thanks so much Gloria! Love and blessings to you Gloria! xoxo

  2. Despite having made 4 traditional puddings over the weekend, I shall refrain from mentioning heresy..... ;)

    This is a brilliant idea! I will be sharing and if the missus has anything to say about it, making a few as well.

    Merry Christmas!

    1. Thanks Pat! Merry Christmas to you too! If you have any children, grandchildren, nieces, nephews, etc. I am sure they would love to get one of these! xo

  3. The Christmas pudding looks fabulous and delicious Marie.!!
    Thanks for sharing this uinique idea with us.

  4. Replies
    1. Thanks Monique! Obviously I can't eat it, but it would make a fun gift for anyone not having to watch their sugars! xo

  5. Hello :) these look amazing! I might try making some myself.
    How long would you say that they stay fresh for?
    Thanks x

    1. Well wrapped and kept in a cool dry place, these should keep for several weeks Jodie! xo


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