Rachel's Delicious New Yogurt and some Morning Hacks!

Saturday 27 February 2016


Take on the morning with Rachel’s new 0% fat Greek Style yogurt

Rachel’s has launched its 0% Fat Greek Style yogurt range to bring you a collection of sumptuous flavours: Blueberry, Peach & Passion Fruit and Lemon & Ginger. These fruity flavours perfectly complement the thick, silky-smooth Greek Style yogurt for a guilt-free indulgence to help keep your healthy regime on track this year. Eat it as part of your breakfast or straight from the pot, either way is just as mouth-watering.

Rachel’s has breakfast in tip-top shape with its latest luxuriously smooth 0% fat organic yogurt. Each of the flavours carries on the Rachel’s tradition, being made with the finest organic ingredients, from locally sourced organic milk and with absolutely no artificial colourings, flavours or preservatives.

Embrace this year’s trend for all things healthy with the delicious Blueberry 0% Fat Greek Style yogurt. With only 79 calories per 100g, the sumptuously thick organic yogurt is filled with delicious soft blueberries to help you to begin the day with your best foot forward. Try topping with granola and mixed with a variety of winter berries for the perfect breakfast.

Peach & Passion Fruit
Start your day with a ray of sunshine and let the tropical twist of this much loved pairing brighten those dark mornings. The sweet taste of juicy peach, blended together with tangy passion fruit in the 0% Fat Greek Style yogurt, is oozing with luscious flavours guaranteed to excite your taste buds. With just 81 calories per 100g, grab a spoon and let its exotic taste take over your senses!

Lemon & Ginger 
Revitalise this February with the citrus aroma of the fresh new Lemon and Ginger 0% Fat Greek Style yogurt. Its thick, silky texture, paired with taste of zesty lemon and delicious chunks of spicy ginger, is packed with extra zing to give you that ‘get up and go’ feeling this month! This distinctive flavour from Rachel’s is the perfect balance of both flavours and is a match made in yogurt heaven. At just 82 calories per 100g, this delicious snack makes for a perfect warming kick this February.

 For the less health conscious consumer, Rachel’s will also be launching a luxurious new Greek Style Banana & Dulce de Leche yogurt. This takes inspiration from the popular sweet South American treat and is the perfect after-dinner indulgence.

Rachel’s 0% Fat Greek Style flavours range is available from February 2016 in selected retailers, priced at £1.99 (RRP) for a 450g pot.

As we all know, a good morning always sets you up for the rest of the day and as mornings can be a hectic and stressful time, we’re hoping that our new 0% Greek style yogurts will help to make mornings just that little bit easier by offering a breakfast which involves 0% effort.

 photo 5-Marie-Rayner_zpswwzfrajs.jpg

To celebrate the launch and to mark National Breakfast Week I wanted to share with you some of my morning hacks that help to make my breakfast preparations easier to cope with!

For quick breakfasts on the run that are delicious and very satisfying I keep an assortment of muffins wrapped tightly and individually and in the freezer. So easy to just grab one, nuke it in the microwave for a few seconds and then be on your way. I also do this with tea breads. Simply cut into slices and then frozen, wrapped tightly and with a piece of baking paper in between each slice, you can just take out what you need and believe it or not, popped into the toaster for a few minutes and then buttered, these are delicious. Also Bircher meusli. Simply place your ready made or homemade meusli into a bowl the night before along with some milk and grated apple. Let stand over night and in the morning stir in some fresh fruit and yogurt and presto, breakfast is served and it's healthy and delicious as well!

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