Tuna Melt Tart

Thursday 27 July 2017

Tuna has always been a real favourite of mine.  I confess I am not overly fond of strong flavoured fishes . . . I don't like mackeral or any type of fish which is really fishy, although I do like Tuna and I will eat  fresh Salmon ever now and then.  I do however like tinned salmon and tuna, which makes them great store cupboard ingredients for me.  If I have them in my larder, I know I always have a meal to hand. 

I confess I am really, really fussy about the tuna I buy however.  I only ever buy Albacore . . .  white tuna, sustainably sourced. I know it costs a bit more than normal tinned tuna, but it is worth every penny in flavour.  It just tastes sooooo much better than the cheap stuff.  This is a case where you really do get what you pay for.

I used to buy the really cheap stuff, years ago when I had a house full of children, thinking I was doing a good thing.  I was in the grocery store one day buying my groceries, and an Italian Nonna saw what I was buying in horror. She told me to never, ever buy that cheap tuna, that it was garbage fish . . .  to only ever buy albacore and she was so sincere, that I bought the albacore that day, even though it was a bit  more.  I have to say though that after tasting the difference, I have never bought cheap tuna again.  She was right. It is garbage in comparison.

We humans are such funny creatures.  We will think nothing of paying 3 or 4 pounds for a pound of minced beef, but when it comes to a tin of tuna we balk at spending 3 pounds for that!

 A tin of tuna goes just as far when properly prepared and you don't pour half it down the drain, and let me tell you . . .  a tin of solid pack Albacore white tuna in spring water is worth every little penny!  Trust me on this.  That same Italian Nonna told me to only ever buy blunt nosed carrots.  She said they were sweeter, and once again she was right.  You have to trust those Italian Nonna's.  They know what they are talking about!

Back to the tart. This is such a simple bake and really won't heat your kitchen up that much.  The bake time in total is only about  10 to 12 minutes.  And it is sooooo good!  Simple and good!

The crust is made from baking mix and boiling water, which gives you something almost like a bread, but there is none of the waiting for rising etc.  I use my own homemade baking mix, which works very well.  You can find that recipe here.
I keep mine in the freezer, which makes it really handy and prevents it from going off before I can use it all.  With a small family this is what works for me. You could also use a store brand baking/scone  mix if you wanted to.  They work great.

You just roll it out and make a rim and bake it for a few minutes until golden and then top with the tuna melt mixture some sliced tomatos and cheese slices and then bake it for a few minutes longer.  This is absolutely delicious!  A salad on the side and dinner is served.  Your family will think you slaved all day! Kids love this easy bake!

*Tuna Melt Tart*
Serves 6
This fabulous tart is so simple to make and so delicious.  All you need  on the side is a mixed salad! 

185g baking mix (I use my own homemade mix, you can find the recipe here:
https://sites.google.com/site/oakcottagerecipes/homemade-baking-mix) (1 1/2 cups)
80ml boiling water (1/3 cup)
220g tin of albacore tuna in spring water, drained and flaked (12 ounce)
60g prepared ranch salad dressing (1/4 cup)
3 TBS finely chopped spring onions
salt and black pepper to taste
6 baby plum tomatoes, sliced thinly
3 slices strong cheddar cheese, sliced in half diagonally 

Preheat the oven to 225*/425*F/ gas mark 7.  Line a baking tray with some baking paper.  Set aside. 

Stir the boiling water into the baking mix to make a soft dough. (You may need a bit more water. You want it to be a tiny bit tacky.) Shape into a ball.  Roll out to a 13 inch round on a lightly floured surface using a floured rolling pin.  Transfer to the baking tray.Roll up the edges 1/2 inch all around to make a rim.  Bake for 6 to 8 minutes until light golden brown. 

While it is baking flake the tuna into a bowl.  Mash it together with the spring onion and ranch dressing.  Taste and adjust seasoning as needed with some salt and black pepper. 

Remove the crust from the oven. Spread the tuna mixture over top thinly, covering it completely. Top with the tomato and cheese slices in a decorative manner.  Return to the oven for 3 to 4 minutes to melt the cheese.  Cut into wedges to serve.  Serve hot.

I really hope you will try this out.  Its simple, easy and so tasty!  It makes a perfect summer supper!  Bon Appetit!


  1. Have not had tunaa in soo long..better check my expiry dates on the couple of tins I have:( Looks good!

  2. We had this for dinner last night. It was very tasty and super quick and easy to make. It's an ideal recipe to keep for days when you want something delicious, but are pressed for time, you have unexpected guests or you lack the energy to do something complex. We had to go out unexpectedly, so I could not make what I had planned for dinner, but remembered I'd bookmarked this one and it saved the day-

    All the ingredients are things we all have on hand in the fridge or pantry so it's something you can make on the hop.

    1. Soooo pleased you made and enjoyed this Marie. It is a great store cupboard recipe for sure! I love tuna in any way shape or form, well Albacore tuna anyways! Thanks so much for taking the time to post about this! xoxo


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