Heavenly Chicken

Tuesday 31 December 2019

I can't think of a better recipe to end the year on than this delicious and simple chicken recipe. Did you have Shake & Bake when you were growing up?  

It was a favourite of my brother, sister's and mine! It was a rare treat in our house. I think my mother considered it to be a bit of a luxury.

And as a woman who worked outside the home, my mom did buy it every now and then.  Not that we had chicken very often. 

We did not.    Chicken must have been really expensive back then. It was only ever rarely on the menu, and when it was, it was a real treat!

Usually if we had chicken legs mom would use the shake and bake on them.  I confess as an adult the legs/drumsticks are not my favourite cut.

If we had chicken breasts, mom did her Maryland Fried Chicken. Now that was something which we thought of as an exceptional treat!

She would buy bone-in, skin on chicken breasts. She  rolled them in egg and cracker crumbs. They were fried in butter and oil. 

Oh boy but we thought it was magnificent.  We had it maybe once a year and we were all really pleased when we did!

This is not that.  It is not my mum's Maryland Fried Chicken. However good that might have been . . .

 I can tell you that this is even better than my mom’s Maryland Fried Chicken! That's why this is called Heavenly Chicken. When something is called heavenly, you better believe that it is!

This recipe is like a combination of my mom's chicken recipe, and shake and bake. but I like to think it is a lot healthier than either one. (Don't burst my bubble.)

I like to think that for a number of reasons. First unlike shake and bake, there are no chemicals and preservatives!

This recipe uses boneless, skinless chicken breasts. They are pounded lightly to an even thickness.

I like to put them either between two sheets of cling film to do this, or into a plastic bag. Do be gentle so as not to tear the meat.

Secondly this is baked, not fried.  We won't think about the butter drizzled on top, shhh . . .

We won’t think about that at all. It can be our little secret. Just block that right out of your mind!!

You begin by making up a flavourful mixture of sour cream and some seasonings. I would use full fat sour cream. In for a penny, in for a pound!

You coat the chicken with this. It is then rolled in fine round buttery cracker crumbs. I am sure you know the kind I mean.

It is then  on a baking sheet, drizzled with butter and baked.  What’s not to like???

We love this.  It's so, so, SO Tasty!  You are guaranteed to love it! I served it with baby peas and sweet potato fries, but it would be equally as delicious with mashed potatoes or rice!

Yield: 2 (but can easily be doubled)

Heavenly Chicken

Heavenly Chicken

prep time: cook time: total time:
Tender, moist and filled with flavour.  This is a real favourite simple supper. I like to serve it with sweet potato fries and a vegetable.


  • 2 boneless, skinless chicken breasts or thighs
  • 2 TBS melted butter
  • 1/2 tsp onion powder
  • 1/4 tsp paprika
  • 1/2 tsp salt
  • 1/4 tsp garlic powder
  • 90g light sour cream (3/4 cup)
  • 90g finely crushed buttery round crackers
  • 1 TBS light olive oil


How to cook Heavenly Chicken

  1. Preheat the oven to 180*C/350*F/ gas mark 4.  Line a baking tray with aluminium foil and spread with the olive oil.
  2. Measure the sour cream, salt, onion and garlic powders, and paprika into a bowl and mix well together.  Measure the cracker crumbs into another bowl.
  3. Pound the chicken until it is an even thickness.  Roll it in the sour cream mixture and then into the cracker crumbs to coat completely.  Place onto the baking tray.
  4. Drizzle the melted butter over top of each piece.
  5. Bake for 35 to 45 minutes (depending on the size of your chicken pieces) until golden brown, crisp and the juices run clear.

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It always comes out moist, tender and very delicious.  I am not sure why, but its a combination that works.    I really hope you will give it a go.  

The recipe quantities are for two people, but it is very easily doubled or even tripled to serve more!  

Have a happy New Years Celebration tonight. If you are out and about stay safe and drink responsibly.  Talk to you next year! 

Heavenly Chicken 

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  1. Looks delicious! I am going to make this for tonight's dinner.

  2. Looks great Marie. I have a tub of regular sour cream (instead of lite), do you think it would still work??

    1. That would be absolutely fine Jeannine! Hope you enjoy it! xoxo

    2. Thank you Marie, I'll try this, this week. I've been needing a new chicken recipe that's crispy without having to fry it (I really don't like frying anything!). I think my kids will love this.

    3. I think you will enjoy this Jeannine!

    4. Can you use bone in chicken ?

    5. I never have, but why not. You will need to adjust the cook times accordingly as bone in chicken takes longer to cook than boneless.

  3. I'm sorry, but I'm not sure what kind of crackers to buy.
    Do you mean Breton? Or Ritz or Saltines?

  4. When I was a child, chicken was a once a year treat, roasted and at Christmas. Never, at any other time did we see one and I can remember the taste and texture to this day.

    Happy New Year!

    1. Happy New Year! I think chicken is a lot more affordable these days! xoxo

  5. This has given me an idea and i think I will use my air fryer to bake. Thanks

    1. I hope you enjoy it Karen. Let me know how it works out! xo


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