Meals of the Week April 9th - 15th

Sunday 16 April 2023

Meals of the Week

 Well, this was the week, everyone in my immediate family came down with Covid.  Three years of evading it and it finally caught up with us.  My sister and I ended up having to rush over to my father's on Sunday morning as he had collapsed.  We did not know it was Covid then, so we took no precautions. 

We had the ambulance there, but he didn't want to go to hospital and so we took him back to my sister's place to spend the day and so she could keep an eye on him.  I took his laundry home to my place to do and the we all met back at my sister's for Easter Dinner.

On Monday my sister tested positive and so she tested Dad. He also tested positive. My brother in law tested positive on Tuesday and by Wednesday I tested positive, but by then I was feeling very poorly, or I thought I was anyways.  I had no idea.

By Wednesday night I really was very poorly. Hot and cold sweats. Chills, stuffy nose, and a headache like nobody's business.  I had literally no appetite at all.  But I kept drinking water and I made myself some lemon/ginger and honey tea off and on.

By Thursday I was deep into it.  Coughing like crazy. I had gone through six boxes of tissues. I spoke to a nurse and because I am a diabetic and have high blood pressure she recommended I get this drug called Paxlovid.  My sister picked it up for me on Friday.

Needless to say my meals of the week have not entirely been normal this week, but I thought you would be interested in seeing them anyways!  Here's hoping next week will be better!

Easter Dinner

SUNDAY APRIL 9th - Easter Dinner at my sister's.

We all gathered at my sister's place for a delicious Easter Dinner of Spiral Ham, Homemade Baked Beans, Roasted Sweet and White Potatoes, Roasted Broccoli and Tenderstem Cauliflower and some delicious garlic rolls. For dessert we had a sugar free Apple Pie and some ice cream.  The ham was cooked in the Instant Pot.  Everything was delicious!

Parmesan Crusted Chicken

MONDAY APRIL 10th - Parmesan Crusted Chicken 

I had some chicken breasts which needed using and so I cooked a simple recipe of Parmesan Crusted Chicken.  Mayonnaise and Parmesan cheese, along with a few seasonings are slathered on chicken breasts and then they are baked to perfection. This was tender and delicious, moist also. I served this with some boiled and buttered baby new potatoes and sweet English Peas.  It was a really tasty meal!

Turkey Hash

TUESDAY APRIL 11th - Chicken Hash

No waste here. I used the leftover chicken and potatoes from Monday's dinner and made myself a hash.  I used the recipe  for Turkey Hash that I always make after the holidays.  You can make a hash out of just about anything really. Any kind of leftover meat/protein, starch, vegetables etc.  Its always delicious and a great use of your leftovers.

Hot Buttered Toast

WEDNESDAY, APRIL 12th, Hot Buttered Toast

Well, I managed to evade it for three years.  Traveled half way across the world, in and out of three airports, sanitizing and masking and taking great precautions for the whole three years, and yet it still managed to catch me in the end.  My father caught Covid and it spread very quickly to the rest of us, as we are his carers.  My father tested positive on Monday, as did my sister. My brother in law tested positive on Tuesday and it caught up with me on Wednesday. 

Needless to say I was not very hungry at all. I have mostly been drinking water, and honey/lemon/ginger tea.  I did think I best have something solid so did make myself some hot buttered toast.

Quick and Easy Chicken Soup

THURSDAY APRIL 13th, Quick and Easy Chicken Soup

Needless to say I was not all that hungry, but I did make myself some chicken soup. I confess I made myself a package of Lipton's chicken noodle soup because I really couldn't face standing up for very long to make anything else.  If I could have though, I would have made this.  This version of Chicken Soup is ideal as it is quick and very easy to make. Its also quite delicious.  

Thankfully I haven't lost my sense of taste or smell.  Although I am mighty surprised my coughing hasn't turned me inside out.

Ham Casserole

FRIDAY APRIL 14th - Ham Broccoli, Mac & Cheese Casserole

I feel quite a bit better today and think I have hit a turning point, although I am still coughing quite a bit. The headache is gone however, halleluiah!  My sister has been so good to me.  Today she brough me over this Ham, Broccoli, Mac & Cheese Casserole that she made.  She found the recipe here on  It was delicious.

She was here earlier in the day to scoop my litter box and empty my compost. I had a container of Cherry tomatoes that I knew I wouldn't be able to use, so I gave them to her and they showed up on top of the casserole! Yummy!

I know!!!  I am really blessed to have the sister that I have. She also picked up my prescription for me. We are really lucky to have a family filled with good people.

Bread and Cheese Omelet

SATURDAY APRIL 15th - Bread and Cheese Omelet

I am still not 100% but I did feel up to making myself something for my tea today.  Bread and Cheese Omelet.  Tasty little buttery cubes of bread fried until crisp and golden brown and then tucked into a two egg omelet, along with some tasty cheddar cheese, and chopped spring onions.  All you need on the side is a salad.

Simple suppers like these are often the best kind of all!  Especially when you are not feeling 100% up to scratch.

Here's to a new week, and hopefully some much better eating!

Nutmeg and Cinnamon

I happened to look over and caught these two making themselves very much at home on the dining room table. I didn't have the energy to chase them off. Nutmeg, (Mr. Milk Moustache) in the foreground giving himself a good bath (he has no humility) and his sister Cinnamon in the background supervising him, making sure he gets behind his ears. While the cat's away and all that. How could I not love these two.

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  1. Oh, you poor thing Marie. This just shows that it's not gone away. You did well to eat what you did, not easy when you don't feel well. Hope you are now on the mend.

    1. Thanks so much Eleanor. It definitely hasn't gone away for sure! This was horrible and that is after having been vaccinated and boostered to the hilt. I cannot imagine how bad it was at first before people hadn't had the benefit of these things. It must have been brutal. Please stay safe and be careful! People are still dying from it, albeit in not as great numbers! Thanks for your happy thoughts! I am feeling much better now! xo

  2. I'm so sorry The Covid caught up with you and your family after 3 years of successful evasion! I'm glad to hear that you are recovering, though. Hot buttered toast is such a comfort when one isn't well. And no one will scold about the Lipton's. ;^) Wonderful recipes and photography--a blog post in the midst of contagion shows real determination! I am having such a good time looking at your blog; it never fails to make me hungry and think, "Ooh, I should make that!"

    1. Thanks so much Sue! Its quite ironic that the very person we were trying hard to keep safe for and prevent from getting it is the person who gave it to the rest of us! Our father is a real social butterfly! It has been our undoing, lol. You can never underestimate the qualities of hot buttered toast. It is a panacea of comfort, especially when one doesn't feel well! xo

  3. So glad you’ve turned the corner on Covid. I managed to evade Covid until late February. Thought I had a cold until utter exhaustion got me; husband (he got it too) and I were prescribed paxlovid. Horrible taste in the mouth but did the trick. All we could manage to fix to eat was toast and canned chicken noodle soup. Back to normal now and loving your posts (and your cats).

    1. Yes, a very horrible taste in the mouth for sure. My sister and I were both able to take the Paxlovid and it was free for us. My father unfortunately was past the five day maximum of time, so he was unable to take it. Soup and toast are the way for the time being. I think I am up to more and then, blah. I am too tired. My cats are a treasure to me! Thank you! xo

  4. Hi Marie, so glad you are feeling better. My husband & I have had it twice now. Thank you for posting pictures of your cats. They have grown so big since you posted them as kittens. They are both so beautiful & I know such a comfort to you. We have one sweet 15 year old cat & she means the world to us. I love your recipes, just simple delicious food. I really appreciate all the wonderful recipes. Thanks & so glad you & your family are feeling better.

    1. Thanks so much Mary! My dad is still feeling poorly, but he was unable to take the anti-viral drug. I love my two cats so much. I don't know what we would do without our much beloved furry family members eh? Thank you for your lovely comment! xo


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