Cheesy Mushroom Omelettes

Saturday 10 October 2009

Sometimes I just like to cook a simple supper for Todd and myself. Nothing too fancy, or involved . . . using simple ingredients and cooking methods . . .

Omelettes are the perfect simple supper and very economical in these credit crunch days.

They also very adaptable as you can fill them with pretty much whatever you have to hand . . .

chopped fresh herbs, peppers and spring onions . . .

chopped tomatoes and little bits of leftover ham and bacon . . .

broccoli and cheese . . .

you name it, pretty much anything goes . . .

Today it was some lovely sliced chestnut mushrooms, chopped chives and a good farmhouse cheddar cheese . . .

with a delicious side salad and some buttered toast it went down a real treat. Sometimes I think the simplest meals are the best and tastiest of all, don't you?

*Cheesy Mushroom Omelettes*
Serves 1
Printable Recipe

I have given the proportions here for one omelette. I find it much easier to cook one at a time and keep them warm on plates in a low oven until I am done them all. Mind you . . . with there only being two of us, I only ever make two. These make a delicious, economical and surprisingly filling supper!

1 1/2 TBS butter
a generous handful of chestnut mushrooms, sliced
25g good quality strong cheddar cheese, grated
(I used a good farmhouse cheddar)
1 TBS freshly chopped chives
sea salt and freshly ground black pepper to taste
2 large free range eggs

Melt 1/2 TBS of the butter in a small nonstick frying pan. Once it is sizzling add the mushrooms. Allow them to sit without stirring them, for several minutes until they begin to brown. Cook, like this, shaking them occasionally, until they are nicely browned. Too much stirring brings out too much liquid and it is best to agitate them as least as possible. Scoop them out onto a plate while you proceed.

Beat the eggs together with a fork, until the white and yolk are totally amalgamated.

Melt the other 1 TBS of butter in the same frying pan. When it begins to sizzle, tip in the eggs and swirl them around the pan to cover the bottom. Cook until almost completely set. Season with some salt and pepper and sprinkle the chives over top. Scatter the grated cheddar over one half and then then sprinkle on the cooked mushrooms. Fold the other half over top of the mushrooms and cheese and slice the omelet out of the pan onto a warm plate.

We like to have this with some buttered toast and a salad.


  1. Oh yes, this will do for me! I know I ought not, but I really do LIKE over-agitated mushrooms! Not completely dried and frizzled up you know but with a lot of the moisture gone.

    Doesn't the Mr ever have your scrumptious omelettes when the Mrs is absent? I bet he would love it!

    Have a lovely weekend. Has it stopped raining yet?

    love, Angie, xx

  2. WOW-this looks amazing! i love omelettes!

  3. Marie I love omelettes and your look awesome dear, really tasty!! aaah! these mushrooms look delicious!! lovely dish and tatsy!!! huggssssss! and have a nice time with the lovely Todd!! xxgloria

  4. Hi Marie,
    My omelettes don't get puffy like yours do. Any secret you'd like to share?
    I have not contacted you for a long time. I am still in Santiago de Chile and doing well.
    Will write to you one day soon.
    Take care!


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