Joseph Joseph and Red Candy

Friday 5 December 2014

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Look at what I recently got in the Post.   A Joseph Joseph Nest 7 Plus from Red Candy.   For those of you not familiar with the company, Red Candy is an online mail order gift site here in the UK that specializes in Funky Home Accessories and ravishing Red Kitchen Accessories.  If you are a fan of kitchen reds, then this is the place for you!

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I love kitchen reds, but I  REALLY love Joseph Joseph anything.   With their creatively innovative designs and brilliant colours, they are kitchen helps which really appeal to me.   Not only are they beautiful to look at, but they are also incredibly functional.

I have never gotten a piece of  Joseph Joseph kitchen kit that I don't make good use of.  All the pieces that I have are used to death and they just keep on giving.  They virtually don't wear out.

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This Nest 7 Plus set consists of a medium mixing bowl, a smaller mixing bowl (with a pouring lip) and a set of five measuring cups going from 1 cup all the way down to 1 TBS.  Brightly coloured, functional and easy to store because they all fit together.   The bowls also have silicone non slip bases designed to grip the counter so that they don't go spinning away.

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As a keen baker/cook I have been using them every day pretty much since I received them, and am well pleased with their performance.  But then again I have come to expect a pretty high standard from the people at Joseph Joseph.  I have never been disappointed yet.   

If you are looking for something for that special woman or man in your life that's a tiny bit different this Christmas I would highly recommend Red Candy.  They don't only deal in kitchenality . . .  they have everything on their site from photo frames to kettles, wall decor and clocks.   In short there is something for just about any taste and at pretty decent prices, with good service and quick delivery times.


  1. You deserve to test try EVERYTHING!
    Cool looking kitchen gadgets..How fun!

  2. I love Joseph Joseph Products! When I moved into my own apartment, my first place, the first thing that I bought was a set of Joseph Joseph nesting bowls, It was a bit different to this one as it had a Bowl, Colander, Seive, Jug and 4 measuriing cups. It's been 4 years and I still use it pretty much everyday. They also look so pretty!

    You are so lucky marie!

  3. Thanks Monique! I really do enjoy trying new things.

    Shen, I have that set as well, and I use it all the time too. Mi am a lucky girl for sure!


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