Leona's Peanut Butter Balls

Saturday 12 December 2015

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We are having a special broadcast of the First Presidency's Christmas Message at our chapel on Sunday evening with a "Munch and Jingle" afterwards.  I thought these Peanut Butter Balls would be the perfect thing to take.   Everyone always loves these.  They aren't low sugar for sure, but I won't be the person eating them so it's all good.  It just more for those who can eat them.

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This is a recipe I got from my good friend Leona way back when I was just a young mum.  They have become somewhat of a Christmas tradition in our house ever since. 

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Leona was like a mum away from mum for me when I was just a young Bride and a very good friend.  We shared a lot of things with each other including many delicious recipes and some really good cooking.  I never make one of her recipes without remembering the special times we spent together.

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Food shared amongst friends is the very best of all . . .  and when there are lovely memories attached and at such a special time of year, then that is even better.

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These are great because they use simple ingredients and are very easy to put together.   In fact I am betting you have everything in your house right now that you need to put these together.   Smooth Peanut butter, Icing Sugar, Crisp Rice Cereal, Chopped Nuts, Chocolate Chips and Butter.

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You cream together the peanut butter and the icing sugar, and stir in the cereal and the nuts, shape them into balls and chill them.  I like to use walnuts and I like to toast them first to really bring out the nutty flavour.

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Then you melt the chocolate chips together with the butter and coat them and put them back in the fridge.  I like to add some sprinkles. . .  just for fun.  Today I used little chocolate covered cereal crisp balls, white chocolate stars and sugar strands.   They make them look really festive I think, don't you?

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 *Leona's Peanut Butter Balls*
Makes 30
Printable Recipe 

A holiday tradition in my home for the past 35 years! Where I come from you won’t find too many houses without a plate of these on offer at Christmas time! Easy and quick to make, and delicious too!! 

1 cup smooth peanut butter (180g)
1 cup icing sugar (192g)
½ cup chopped nuts (I prefer walnuts) (58g)
½ cup rice crispies cereal (11g)
4 ounces semi sweet chocolate (114g)
1 TBS butter

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Cream together the peanut butter and icing sugar. Stir in the nuts and cereal. Shape into small balls and chill in the refrigerator for 15 minutes.

Melt together the chocolate and butter, mixing until smooth. Dip the chilled balls into the chocolate and set aside on a parchment paper lined plate. Set in the fridge to harden. These also freeze really well so they are an excellent make ahead!!

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Cookin' friends be the best kind of friends!


  1. I just love your page and would love to have your life! Thanks for all of the great recipes, just wish I could try them all!!

    1. Thanks for your lovely comment DeeDee. Merry Christmas! xoxo

  2. yup,, lol, always always,, every Christmas, must be a Canadian thing, lol, eh' Marie, lol,

    1. Eh? What's that you say? Canadian eh? But of course! Merry Christmas Laurie! xoxo

  3. They are so cute..and just a biteful..I like that!

    1. For sure Monique! I treated myself to half one and was in heaven! xoxo

  4. These are my son's favorite Christmas binge food. I just made a batch and sent them off to him (don't dare keep more than one or two in the house). I haven't put nuts in them, but may try in the future (messing with tradition is always a dicey proposition! LOL)

    1. You are so right there Susan. It's always a bit of trick messing with tradition. Best to keep things as they have always been! Merry Christmas!xo

  5. My sister Marcilene always made these at Christmas... she calls them 'mouse balls'. Her recipe calls for sweetened flaked coconut though instead of walnuts. Good memories indeed.

    1. I think these are very much a Maritime Christmas tradition Noelle!! My friend Leona is from NB. I was thinking about Chicken bones today . . . the candy ones from Ganong. I sure do miss them over here. Now that is a memory that I cannot replicate no matter how hard I try! oxox


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