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Monday 7 December 2015

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The people from Mrs Crimble's, deliciously gluten-gree,  recently sent me some of the Party Season friendly products to taste.

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Ginger Winter Warmer 

Mrs Crimble’s NEW special edition Choc Macaroons with Stem Ginger

Mrs Crimble’s NEW special edition Choc Macaroons with Stem Ginger are the perfect festive goodies. Based on their best-selling Choc Macaroon recipe, the UK’s number one selling treat in the cakes category, Mrs Crimble’s have created an irresistible NEW special edition Choc Macaroon with chunks of warm stem ginger.

 Mrs Crimble’s Choc Macaroon with Stem Ginger will be available to buy from major supermarkets, convenience stores and independent speciality food retailers nationwide from October 2015, with a recommended retail price of £1.59 for the six pack.

We have always loved their regular Choc Macaroons, and we really love these!   We really enjoyed the spicy sweet ginger hit that you get from the little chunks of  stem ginger.  We would happily by these and will be looking for them in the shops.

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They also sent me a pack of their Cheese Straws

Mrs Crimble’s has unveiled festive light and crispy Cheese Straws – which are gluten free – so the whole family can share them this Christmas season. The cheesy puff pastry straws can be enjoyed straight from the packet, or for a really special treat serve them to your guests gently warmed. The foil-fresh packaging ensures that they’ll stay fresh and crisp until you’re ready to enjoy them.

NEW Cheese Straws RRP £1.99

I wasn't able to heat these in the oven to see how they were warmed up, as they arrived all smashed to smithereens!  (Oh, the perils of British Post!!) However I can say that the crumbs were incredibly flakey and very tasty!  These would be a great addition to the Gluten Free Drinks and Nibbles for Gluten free Holiday Parties.   I will be using the crumbs to top my holiday casseroles!

Many thanks to Mrs Crimble's for sending me these products to try out. 

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  1. Sign me up for the ginger, Marie. I think they would be my favorites. I may try this on my own.

    1. They sent two packs of the Ginger Macaroons Carol, and Todd ate one all on his own! They are that good! xo


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