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Friday 18 November 2016

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I recently burnt my hand quite badly when I accidentally brushed it against a hot oven rack as I was removing a casserole from the oven.  It didn't half smart and it only touched the metal for a second, but here I am two weeks later with a nasty scab and it still hurts.  I thought it was time for some new oven gloves.

 I have been looking at silicone oven gloves for quite a while now, but have been resisting buying them, partly because they look somewhat bulky and partly because they cost a lot more than normal oven glove.   I was at a garden centre the other day and these caught my eye.  I had some Birthday money I had been saving to buy myself something and I found myself going back to these again and again.  Maybe it was the catchy colour  . . . maybe it was the nice kitschy print of the fabric and the silicone.  I tried the on several times, and kept walking away . . . I wasn't sure I could justify spending that kind of money on oven gloves.  The mitt one was £11.99 and the pinch one was £7.99 . . .  in other words almost all of my £20 bar tuppence.

Finally after walking back to them for about the sixth time, I caved and put them into my shopping basket and crossed my fingers hoping that I had not wasted my money on something I wouldn't use.  I LOVE THEM!  Seriously I love them.  The glove does not feel awkward at all on my hand.  The pinch one is perfect for small jobs and they both work together very well in tandem.

They have a nice thick lining and according to the label you can clean them in the dishwasher.  Not sure about that, but I have found that if you do get them dirty, you can just rinse them off and they look brand new again.  I am really pleased about that.  Coz I am always dipping my oven gloves into things they shouldn't be dipped in.  They keep my hands nice and cool.  They are not too long and not too short and they feel nice and not bulky like I thought they might.

In short, I approve.

I got mine at the Gordale Garden Centre gift shop, but I suspect you can get them just about anywhere.  They are by a company called Zeal, and come in a whole host of colours and patterns.

Note - I was not sent these for free and am not being paid to promote them.  I quite simply like them and thought that you might too.  ☺


  1. Hope your burn is healing well, such a painful thing. I have struggled to find good silicone gloves, as so many are actually dangerous because they are so inflexible you are in danger of dropping things. Something I have found very helpful as it protects your arms as well as your hands, is a silicone tube which goes over the edge of your oven shelf. They are usually sold in pairs and they also help prevent things sliding off your oven shelf.

    1. The Silicone in these is actually quite supple Karen. I had your same concerns. These are quite safe to use. I feel very confident with them. I have had the shelf edges before but I haven't had much luck with them in the past. xo

  2. Keep an Aloe Vera plant in the kitchen! Any burn heals remarkably quickly if rubbed with the sap from a broken piece of the plant. Its quitae magical.

  3. Great idea Ceri! Thanks! I never thought of that. I did run it under cold water right away, but it didn't help much! xo

  4. I leaned on a hot wood-burning stove when I was very young. My grandmother put my hand into a glass of the coldest water she could get, and kept changing the water every few minutes. My hand did not even blister. You can't just run it under cold water, you need to keep it cold long enough to completely remove the heat. Ice wrapped in a cloth works well, or frozen peas. Burns hurt. Sorry you had to suffer that.

    1. Ouch Excentric. I put all my weight down on my left hand onto the burner of our stove when I was five and burnt the whole palm of my left hand. I remember having to go to the Dr. and having to have this gel pack on it for weeks. My mother made a little cloth mitten with a drawstring at the top for me to keep it clean. I can remember when they used to put butter on burns! (Shows how old I am!) xo

    2. That's exactly what I did. The cold water treatment, and I don't remember if there was ice in it or not, worked, but I had to keep my hand in it for quite a long time. Yeah, butter keeps the heat in, making the burn worse.

    3. I can remember being in a lot of pain for a long time. I was in kindergarten at the time. Sure made me afraid of the stove though! I used to get up and sit on the garbage can between the stove and the counter and watch my mother cook. I didn't do it again for a very long time! xo

  5. Functional and beautiful - might invest in some


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