Lemon Sauced Salmon Cakes

Friday 23 February 2018

These salmon cakes are one of our absolute favourite suppers.  They are very quick and simple to make and don't use anything out of the ordinary. In fact I am betting you have everything in your larder and refrigerator to make these for your tea tonight!

These crisp tender little salmon cakes are made using tinned salmon. You could also use leftover poached salmon as well if you wanted to.  But the tinned salmon is very convenient.  I always keep several tins of the boneless skinless salmon in the cupboard to use for things like these cakes.

I use minced red onion in mine, (for a bit of colour), but you can just as easily use plain brown onions or even spring onions, which also add a bit of colour.  Other than that, you need nothing more than a bit of cornmeal, some flour, eggs and cream. I use no-fat evaporated milk instead of the myself. It helps to save on fat and calories, which works very well, but if you aren't bothered those things, go ahead and use the cream!

I have cut down on some of the fat for frying them as well.  The only way to get that crisp exterior is to fry them, baking doesn't cut it.  But with only a tsp each of butter and olive oil, its not too bad altogether.

The lemon sauce is luxurious.  No two ways about it.  With butter, flour, lemon juice, water and a bit of seasoning and some sugar, it is exellent spooned over the cakes.  The sauce is so flavourful that a little bit goes a very long way.

These salmon cakes are crisp and flavourful . . .  the sauce rich and luxurious . . .  the two together are quite heavenly.

They go very well with steamed new potatoes and a green vegetable.  If you didn't want to make the lemon sauce, you could also make  creamed peas to spoon over the cakes.  I can promise you thugh, however you choose to make them, you are sure to enjoy!  Who says delicious needs to be complicated!

*Salmon Cakes with a Lemon Butter Sauce*
Serves 4 

These are delicious and very easy to make.   

For the salmon cakes:
2 large free range eggs
60ml of heavy cream (1/4 cup)
45g of cornmeal (1/4 cup)
4 TBS minced red onions
2 TBS plain flour
1/4 tsp baking powder
pinch black pepper
1/2 tsp salt
1 large can of salmon, drained, skinned and boned or two smaller ones
(I buy the boneless, skinless salmon.  It comes in a 125g (6-oz) tin.  I use two of those)
1 tsp each butter and olive oil for cooking
For the Sauce:
the juice of one large lemon
120ml of cold water (1 cup)
65g butter (1/4 cup)
1 1/2 TBS plain flour
1 TBS sugar
fine sea salt and freshly ground black pepper to taste

First make the Sauce.  Whisk together the lemon juice and water.  Melt the butter in a saucepan.  Whisk in the flour and sugar.  Cook, stirring for about a minute.  Slowly whisk in the water/lemon mixture.  Cook and stir over medium heat until the mixture boiled and thickens.   Season with some salt and pepper to taste.  Taste and adjust sweetness if necessary.  Keep warm.

To make the Salmon Cakes, beat the eggs.  Beat in the cream, cornmeal, minced onions, flour, baking powder, salt and pepper.  Flake the salmon into the mixture.  heat the butter and oil in a large non-stick skillet, over medium heat.  Once heated, shape heaped dessertspoons of the salmon mixture into a ball and then flatten out.  Place into the hot fat. Cook for about five minutes per side, until golden brown.

Serve the warm salmon cakes with the lemon sauce for spooning over top.  Delicious!

Its also very easy to cut the quantities for the salmon cakes in half to serve fewer people. I do it all the time, as there are only two of us.  I have never cut the sauce recipe in half, but I dare say it wouldn't be that difficult to do so.  In any case you are sure to enjoy!  Fish for Friday, Bon Appetit! 


  1. Hi - just love the sound of this. How long do you think the lemon sauce would last if you bottled it and kept in fridge>>

    1. They really are quite delicious Avie. I haven't ever had the sauce sitting around for very long, it usually gets all eaten up, but I can't see why you couldn't keep it for about a week in the refrigerator! xo

  2. I love slamon cakes..:) THis looks good w/ the lemon sauceM!

    1. They are really very nice Monique! I am sure you would love them. That sauce goes well with all kinds of fish! xo

  3. I could be VERy happy with this one. By the way, I made the oatmeal raisin cookies this week. Really nice! I think I might cut the baking time down a minute or two -- I suspect that's my oven overheating a bit. (And the last batch I was lucky to pull out at all because I forgot to set the timer. But crunchy is good -- an oatmeal raisin SNAP!) Very tasty and they've been a hit.

    1. This is an old family favourite. They are very delicious! Glad you are enjoying the cookies! I do like a crunchy cookie! Xo

  4. I've printed the recipe to try this weekend...it's snowing here in the Pacific Northwest and this looks really good! Thank you for posting a new recipe every day. I appreciate that you always take the time to share something yummy!

    1. You are in for a real treat! Thanks so much for your lovely comment! Usually if I don't post its because something has happened, computer woes, or illness, stuff like that! This is an integral part of my life! I cook and eat every day so why not talk about it! xo


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