Nutty Honey & Maple Granola

Tuesday 2 October 2018

When I was young I fancied myself as a bit of a hippy dippy earth mother kind of a person. I wanted to live in an old farm house, and have chickens and a cow, make my own cheese, have bees, grow my own fruit and veg, live by wood fire and candlelight, and just be as self sufficient as possible. I ate yogurt and granola, and believed in a Utopian world filled with love and peace . . .  and then I grew up, matured, had a family and realised that it took money to have all of those things, and staying in one place and I had neither.  Just a family and a kind heart.

I still believe in a Utopian world filled with love and peace but I am not sure we will ever achieve such a thing in our lifetime, but I like to think that one day, such a thing will exist.  And none of that has anything to do with granola, lol, except that a part of that mind frame for me was making my own granola from scratch.  Filled with healthy natural ingredients.  And this is something I have always done.

It was my friend Mabel who taught me how to make my first granola.  I loved the idea that I was feeding my children something which was wholesome and nutritious, plus it was a good way to get them to eat oatmeal, which was something they always turned their noses up at.

Turn oats into granola however, and they couldn't get enough of it.  I have played with the recipe oodles and oodles through the years and have my own version of  the perfect granola.  This is the standard recipe that I normally make.  I just love it. It is chock full of nuts. 

Today I decided to try a recipe I found in a Dorset Cereals Cookbook that I have had for several years now called The Breakfast Book.  I love Dorset Cereals and am a huge fan of their berries & cherries muesli.

This recipe is fairly low in fat, using only 2 TBS of sunflower oil. That was something that really drew me to the recipe.

It relies on two natural sweeteners, and no processed sugars.  Pure maple syrup and clear honey. You can't get more natural than that.  I like to use the large flake Scottish oats for my granola. They have more substance.

There is also some vanilla in the recipe and a nice mix of seeds and nuts, both of which I love.  Sunflower and pumpkin seeds  . . .  and I used blanched almonds, macadamia nuts and cashew nuts, which are all nuts that I adore.

You don't have to use coconut chips, you can use flaked or dessicated coconut, in which case you will want to hold off adding it until the second stirring, as it will probably get too dark if you add it at the start.  Personally, I love coconut chips and its what I always use in my granola.

I quite like this recipe for granola actually.  Its simple and its quick.  I can't wait to have some tonight with some plain yogurt and maybe  some fresh berries!

Yield: 10

Nutty Honey & Maple Granola

prep time: 10 minscook time: 30 minstotal time: 40 mins
A simple to make and delicious granola, chock full of goodness!


2 TBS sunflower oil
100ml pure maple syrup (scant half cup)
4 TBS clear honey
1 TBS good vanilla extract (I used Kirkland)
300g large flake rolled oats (heaped 3 cups)
25g sunflower seeds (3 TBS)
50g pumpkin seeds (6 TBS)
100g flaked or chopped nuts (7/8 cup)
(I like to use whole nuts, cashews, blanched almonds, macadamia)
50g coconut chips (3/4 cup)

To finish:
100g dried fruit (2/3 cup)
(Sultana raisins, dried cranberries, blueberries, etc.)

To serve:
natural yogurt and fresh fruit (optional)


Preheat the oven to 150*C/300*F/ gas mark 2.  Have two baking sheets ready. (I spray with non-stick cooking spray)

 out the oats, seeds, nuts and coconut chips into a large bowl.  Whisk
together the oil, maple syrup, honey and vanilla. Pour this over top of
 the dry ingredients and toss together to mix completely.  Divide
between the two baking sheets, spreading it out in an even layer.  Bake
in the preheated oven for 15 minutes.  Remove from the oven and stir. 
Return to the oven, switching the placement of the trays (top to bottom
and bottom to top) and bake for a further 10 to 15 minutes.  Give a good
 stir and allow to cool completely.  Stir in any dried fruit and mix all
 well together.  Store in an airtight container for up to two weeks, or
freeze in an airtight container for longer.

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I got really fancy with my picture taking today, using one of my Greengate Cappuccino bowls and ceramic spoons, along with my Greengate table cloth/towel.  I thought they turned out quite pretty. Ohh, if all my dreams came true I would live in a house styled and totally furnished by Greengate.  I guess that's about as far from hippy dippy as you can get!  Bon Appetit! 


  1. Oh don't we all enjoy such pretty pretty things:) Lovely.Just finished my greek yogurt ..granola(Harvest Crunch) and a splash of honey.On a granola roll for the past yr;) Looks grand Marie!

    1. I was really pleased with it Mon! Great even eaten out of hand!xo

  2. Perfect timing, I just doscovered another recipe that uses granola as part of its recipe. With this one I can kill two birds with one stone as they say. Rather a horrible saying when you think of it.

    1. It is rather! Lol. Hope you enjoy the granola! Xo


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