Croque Madame Pizzas

Wednesday 12 June 2019

I adore Croque Madame Sandwiches.  A Croque Monsieur Sandwich is a fried ham & cheese sandwich topped with a layer of bechamel and grilled.  

It becomes a Croque Madame when you add a fried egg to the top.  Yes  . . .  not for the weak of heart! I have only ever made them once and they were to die for. You can read about that experience here.  So, so, so good!

I like to think that this version is a bit lighter . . .  and I can vouch for it being a lot easier! They go together lickety split and make an excellent light supper for two (easily multiplied) along with a salad on the side.  

For this recipe I am using medium to small eggs, only because larger eggs would not stay on top without overflowing the crust onto the baking tray.

The base for these delicious and easy pizzas are Deli Kitchen's new Greek Style Flatbreads!   Soft, pliable and perfect for these Croque Madame Pizzas!  You could also use Naan bread with good results. 

I have an excellent recipe for a Yeast Free Naan Bread  that would also be excellent for these delicious pizzas.

You are going to love these!  They are such a doddle to make.  As easy as mixing together a cheese/sour cream topping to spread over the flat breads . . .  then layering on pancetta and eggs and baking.

The cheese mixture uses two kinds of cheese  . . .  strong cheddar and Gruyere, which is a nutty sweet type of Swiss cheese.  I love it!

This gets mixed with some sour cream, Dijon mustard and a splash of Worcestershire sauce  . . .  and then spread onto the flat breads.

On top of that you arrange some thinly sliced pancetta  . . .  Italian bacon . . . mild and smoky and so tasty.  You want to make little cradles/nests to break the eggs into  . . .

I used medium eggs today.  Normally I use large eggs in all of my cooking, but I felt they would be too large and overflow, and in all truth even the medium ones did a bit, so you might want to go for small eggs.    

It doesn't really matter or affect the taste if they do . . .  its just a matter of aesthetics. 

And that's it! Just pop them into the oven and bake them for about 20  minutes, depending on how well done you like your eggs. 

At 20 minutes the yolks were nice and creamy  . . .  not runny.  If you want runny, you might want to do them for less time.  Just keep checking.

Altogether these are fabulously tasty!  You are sure to fall in love with them.  They are great for the weekend when you are wanting something a little bit heartier for breakfast . . .

They also make a great, quick and easy weeknight supper for two.  All you need is some salad on the side perhaps.

Look at how nice, rich and golden brown that cheese topping is  . . .

I can promise you that it tastes every bit as delicious as it looks.  Honestly  . . .  I could have eaten just that on the flat bread and nothing else!

My husband really, REALLY enjoyed this.  He had been outside mowing the grass before the rain started again  . . . and had worked up a bit of an appetite!

I love it when he enjoys the things I cook for him. It makes me very happy.  It also makes him happy as well!  He doesn't normally like pizza, but this kind . . .  he does!

Yield: 2
Author: Marie Rayner

Croque Madame Pizzas

A recipe I adapted to serve two people.  This makes a fabulous supper with some salad on the side!


  • 2 Greek Style Soft Flatbreads
  • 4 medium free range eggs
  • 8 thin rashers of pancetta or streaky bacon
  • 30g grated strong cheddar cheese (1/4 cup)
  • 30g grated Gruyere Cheese (1/4 cup)
  • 60g dairy sour cream (1/4 cup)
  • 1 tsp Dijon mustard
  • 1/4 tsp Worcestershire sauce
  • salt and black pepper to taste


How to cook Croque Madame Pizzas

  1. Preheat the oven to 220*C/425*F/gas mark 7.  Line a baking tray with baking paper and place the two flatbreads onto it.
  2. Stir together both cheeses, the sour cream, mustard, and Worcestershire sauce to combine well.  Divide evenly and spread onto one side of each flat bread.  Top each
  3. Using the slices of Pancetta, arrange them on the top of the cheese mixture on each flat bread so  as to make two circles with an open space in the middle to hold the egg.  Carefully crack one egg into each so that it is contained.
  4. Bake in the preheated oven until the cheese is golden and the egg is just cooked.  Season with salt and black pepper to serve.
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An added bonus is the smell of the pancetta cooking while the pizzas bake. Oh so yummy. 

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