Enjoy! Chocolate You Can Feel Good About Eating!

Thursday 20 June 2019

Imagine having so many food intolerances that you were deprived of eating many of your favourite foods including (perish the thought!) chocolate!!!!  This was the case of a man named Chris.  He suffered from countless food intolerances including, yes  . . .  chocolate.  He didn't let it keep him down however. He set forth with determination to develop a chocolate that he could eat and enjoy!  After months of testing, he developed Enjoy! chocolate, a chocolate bar that is Gluten Free, Dairy Free,  Soya Free, Organic and contains no refined sugars and is made with raw cacao.  And it tastes GREAT! 

In fact the Daringly Darkest bar that I was sent contains only 3 ingredients:  Cacao Butter, Raw Cacao Powder and Coconut Sugar.  With 85% cacao solids, this is some insanely intense chocolate!  

This luxury raw chocolate really snaps when you break it and the flavour is incredibly strong and chocolaty. Not overly sweet it melts on the tongue and delivers a deep chocolate flavour that tastes completely unadulterated by anything else.  The first small square I tasted I wasn't sure  . . .  it was really, REALLY chocolaty and completely unlike anything else I had ever tasted. I wasn't sure that I liked it . . .  was this cooking chocolate?  

I tasted another square and liked it more . . .  

By the third square I had actually fallen in love with it. Total truth.  It has a very satisfying snap when you bite into it  . . .  melts cleanly on the tongue and has a flavour that is quite enjoyable once you get used to it. In fact I would say I actually might prefer it to other sweeter chocolates.  This is great!  I could almost taste tobacco if that makes sense, but not in an objectionable way. It was quite nice.

They also sent me a box of their Sumptous Salted Caramels.  Oh boy   . . .  these taste dangerously amazing. 

These contain Coconut Sugar, cacao Butter, Raw Cacao Powder, Water, Coconut Oil and Salt.  So a few more ingredients than the ordinary bar.  All natural and containing 70% minimum of cacao solids, these really pack a lot of flavour into a small chocolate.  One is incredibly satisfying.  Two is almost gluttony.  LOL 

Seriously however, when the chocolate is as pure and unadulterated as this chocolate is, you don't seem to need as much to satisfy the craving.  Certainly not because it doesn't taste good, but because it tastes so good and rich that you are happy with just the one . . .  for now anyways.  I'm not going to admit to what happened later on. 

With 100% organic ingredients, they work hard at making things sustainable and are also working at creating packaging that is totally recyclable and compostable.  At present however there is still the necessity for their inner bags to be composed of food grade, heat sealable plastic. They are working hard at trying to create something which is totally recyclable.  I like this ethos.  They care about the planet. 

For more information about their products and where and how to buy them you can visit their website at Enjoy!

I really enjoyed their chocolate, and I think you will too.  In fact the company now has the backing of two former directors at Thorntons!  Great news for Enjoy!

What I liked:  Their environmental ethos.  The purity of their product.  The taste of their product.  The quality of their product.

What I didn't like:  Absolutely nothing.

Note - I was sent product for free for the purpose of reviewing.  Any and all opinions are my own.


  1. I hear that term often about chocolate, the snap people refer to. I will admit I’m not a dark chocolate lover, I love me some Cadbury’s milk chocolate lol, but I have had Lindt dark chocolate that .i did like, the salted caramel sounds amazing., mmmmmm,

    1. Oh, I like Cadbury's also. This was incredibly tasty however! Oh that salted caramel is very moreish! xoxo

  2. I'm not really a choco person at all and don't crave it..but I prefer milk..except when one piec is involved and then dark.I love a certain kind here that has bits of raspberries..again..one piece:)


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