Tips to Smoke the Perfect Brisket

Tuesday 28 July 2020

Follow These Tips To Smoke The Perfect Brisket 

Tips to Smoke the Perfect Brisket

Barbeque has the ability to bring people together for a festive celebration. There is a reason why Brisket tops the world of barbeque meat goodness: the perfect brisket has thick smoke bark, great seasoning, is super juicy and tender on the inside, and can be shared in a group of friends.

 These days, it is impossible to go to your favorite barbeque joint for brisket, because of a countrywide lockdown, but that doesn’t mean you cannot enjoy a perfect brisket at your home. While smoking a restaurant-quality brisket can be tough and challenging at home, staying mindful of a few things can help you achieve smoked perfection every time. After getting in touch with professional pitmasters, we have enlisted several tips that will guarantee a juicy piece of meat.

Tips to Smoke the Perfect Brisket

Source A Prime Cut Of Meat 

The brisket muscle is generally a little tough because it belongs to that part of the cow that gets a lot of stretching. In order to ensure, that your brisket stays juicy and tender, you need to invest in a cut that has a profound degree of fat marbling. Getting yourself a prime cut will make sure that a day’s effort does not go to waste, since smoking a brisket is a long haul.

While you are sourcing the ingredients, also pay attention to the sides. A pairing of roast potatoes complements meat wonderfully. If you are looking to save time while prepping the potatoes, you can get the best potato slicer to scale your efficiency, and buy you time to focus on the start of the show.

Tips to Smoke the Perfect Brisket

The Smoker Must Be Hot 

Achieving barbeque perfection is science. One that involves the expert management of heat and smoke. Since Brisket is a thick piece of meat, a long and slow cook is required to bring the internal temperature up for a perfectly pink interior. To make sure that the brisket cooks smoothly, heating up the smoker beforehand is essential. This is just like preheating the oven, so the meat actually smokes rather than boils inside the smoker.

Tips to Smoke the Perfect Brisket

Keep The Rub Original 

There is a reason why the best barbeque joints have such an amazing brisket flavor: they rely on smoke rather than seasonings. Making a brisket in your backdoor smoker is not a reason to empty the seasonings cabinet. The best briskets are those that just have salt and black pepper as seasoning. If you are a connoisseur of little kick, then you can always spice things up with a touch of cayenne or paprika.
Tips to Smoke the Perfect Brisket

Don’t Rely On Temperature 

Every meat lover knows the importance of touch when it comes to identifying whether the piece is cooked perfectly or not. Since every brisket is of different size and weight, there is no exact temperature reading that can guarantee you a pink center throughout. This is why you should rely more on touch rather than temperature.

When you hit the temperature of around 180 degrees Fahrenheit, take out the brisket and give it a feel. If it sponges back and feels like medium-rare, then it’s almost time to eat. Once you are done with the cook, stay patient as resting the meat for about forty-five minutes is pivotal. During the resting time, the meat fibers and connective tissue spread the juices all around evenly, making sure that the meat retains its moistness, once it is cut in.

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