Kitchen Decor Trends

Wednesday 14 July 2021


Kitchen Decor Trends

Kitchen Decor Trends


The kitchen is often a room people overlook when they’re updating their home’s décor, but we know better right? If you’re like me, the Kitchen is probably your favourite room in your home and it’s likely the room you’re in the most, so for people like us, kitchen décor is incredibly important. 

The world of interior design changes so often, it can be hard to know what styles are ‘in’ when the time comes to update your kitchen’s décor, so to put you on the right path, the team at helped out with this article to point out what trends you should be following with your re-decoration! 

Kitchen Decor Trends

Colour Pop Cabinets  

If you feel like your kitchen could do with a bit more colour and life in it, then you’ll almost certainly fall in love with colour pop cabinets. Colour pop has become a popular trend in part because of how easy it is to incorporate into existing décor but also due to the fact it can make any kitchen look far more vibrant! 

To colour pop your kitchen cabinets, all you need to do is paint your cabinet doors with a bright, striking colour. You can paint the entirety of the doors, use the colour as an accent colour or be unique and paint on a pattern. However you go about this, you’ll easily turn kitchen cabinets from drab to fab! 

Kitchen Decor Trends

Seaside Themes 

It’s the middle of Summertime, so of course seaside themes are a big trend at the moment for kitchen décor as designers look to capitalise on the nostalgia of Seaside staycations and the delightful weather. Don’t worry, this trend will still look great during the Winter and give you a mental throwback to good weather! 

There are lots of ways you can incorporate seaside themes into your kitchen style like incorporating design pieces made from driftwood, using lots of blue and yellow in your colour scheme, but for many people Beach Hut stripes are where it’s at, as they can make a room look bigger and more welcoming, you can use these stripes in your kitchen with wallpaper, splashbacks or if you have a big window you can find some stripey wide blinds

Kitchen Decor Trends

Dark & Moody 

For those of you that prefer a moody or sexy kitchen a la Nigella Lawson, this is the trend for you! Traditionally kitchens have been coloured in White and Light Wood, which makes kitchens feel more open and ideal for families. But if you want a more sophisticated and adult take on the kitchen, it’s time things get a bit moody! 

It's easy to transition from a bright kitchen to a dark and moody kitchen as it’s a case of replace light with dark. To do this you can simply paint or wallpaper over white walls in a luscious black and swap light wood features like laminate flooring or cabinets for dark wood features to create a luxurious feeling kitchen perfect for entertaining!

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