Zesty Honey and Lime Chicken Wings

Tuesday 20 September 2011

Prepare to be bowled over. They might not be the prettiest things to look at, but these delicious Chicken wings are the best I've ever tasted! And that's NO exaggeration!!

I don't mind admitting I just love chicken wings. They are a rate treat as they are rather high in fat . . . but every once in a while I just can't help indulging myself.

Back home they have the most delicious ones at the Chinese Buffet at the mall . . . I could just eat a plateful of those and nothing else. Yes, I am a chicken wing glutton!!

Hot wings are pretty nice too . . . but I have a confession to make.
These wings here today are more delicious than all the rest put together!
I found a tasty sounding wing recipe in the Gooseberry Patch "Autumn in the Country" cookbook. Entitled Jen's Zesty Honey-Lime Wings they sounded really scrummy.

I took that basic recipe and I pimped it up a notch or two. I added some cayenne for a bit of heat and then I opted to double the sauce ingredients and then pour it over the fried wings and bake them in the oven until they are sticky and scrummily moreishly addictively fingerlickingly glazed to perfection!!

Your family will love you for these! You will become the most popular hostess with the mostess! Destined to mark you for life as the chickie poo with the bestest wings! (That doesn't sound too bad does it?)

*Zesty Honey and Lime Chicken Wings*
Makes about 3 dozen

These deliciously sticky, tangy and spicy wings will be gobbled up quick time. They're fabulous!

4 fluid ounces of runny honey (1/2 cup)
the juice and freshly grated zest of two limes
2 fat cloves of garlic, minced
1/2 tsp salt
1/2 tsp black pepper
1/4 tsp cayenne pepper

For the wings:
3 pounds of chicken wings, tips discarded and cut
into two joints
2 ounces plain flour (1/2cup)
1/2 tsp black pepper
1/2 tsp salt

Cooking oil for frying

Whisk together the honey, lime juice and zest, garlic, salt, pepper and cayenne pepper. Set aside.

Place the flour and second amount of black pepper and salt into a plastic bag. Add the wings and shake well to coat completely.

Have ready a large baking sheet which you have lined with aluminum foil.

Fill a skillet to 1 inch depth with cooking oil. (I like to use sunflower oil.) Heat over medium high heat until hot. Add the wings in batches and cook until golden brown and the juices run clear, turning occasionally. When done place onto the baking sheet and repeat until all are done. Turn off the burner.

Preheat the oven to 190*C/375*F/ gas mark 5. Pour the honey mixture over top of the wings, turning to coat. Place into the heated oven and roast for about 5 minutes. Remove from the oven. Turn the wings over and then return to the oven and roast for another 5 minutes. They should be sticky glazed and beginning to crisp. (Do not allow to burn.)

Remove from the oven to a tray for serving. Pour any residue of the honey sauce over top. Pass the napkins!!

Cooking over in the Cottage today, a delicious Fresh Blueberry Pie!


  1. Oh, Yum! Marie, you always know just how to get my mouth watering...and I just finished dinner over here! Those wings look amazing...we'll DEFINITELY be giving those a try!

    Just catching up tonight...your recipes are delicious...and I so LOVE your Lake District posts--I was in that gingerbread shop in Grasmere--I remember it so well! Ah, if I could only get back there again, I'd be a happy woman! Need to bring my husband and girls this time!

    Wishing you the loveliest of days, dear friend...sending so much love your way...hope all is well...


  2. These do look and sound delicious Marie and I am a bit of a chicken wing lover myself! A little of what you want now and then does you good too.

  3. YOu know, I have never actually cooked chicken wings!! Now is the time - with all that wonderful honey and lime - ohhh YUM
    Mary (my girls are going to thank you - again!)

  4. wow, these look delicious! what an interesting combo, honey and lime..sounds yummy!

  5. When we go out for wings, my husband always asks the waitress to put his wings in the oven for a few minutes to crisp them. I see this is what you've done!
    I hope you had a wonderful getaway!

  6. Yum. I could fair go a bowl of wings right about now too!

  7. Perfect recipe....I've been searching recipe that using honey as one of ingredients...and I met yours...thanx in advance,,


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