A Delicious Disaster . . .

Saturday 22 October 2011

I came to love Nutella rather late in life. I never really "got" the fascination with it until a few years ago. Then all of a sudden it clicked and I fell in love with it. Since then I have always kept a jar of it in my cupboard and of course use it at any opportunity that I can.

I've also come to admit to a certain fascination with five minute mug cakes in recent years. "Almost" instant gratification is certainly more than a bit of a temptation . . . especially when you have a sweet tooth, and love chocolate as I do. The Toddster hates chocolate, and most notably chocolate cakes . . . so a chocolate cake, built for one certainly has it's attraction where I am concerned. No waste involved.

I ran across a Five Minute Nutella Chocolate Mug Cake here. It certainly looked delicious to say the least! I had everything to make it, and I couldn't wait to get stuck in.

I wisked the dry ingredients together in the mug first, so that the cocoa wouldn't be all lumpy and would be evenly mixed in.

Then I added all the wet ingredients and whisked it again until smooth. Everything certainly looked pretty fine at this point. Into the microwave it went . . .

Buzz . . . humm . . . two minutes later I had this . . .

WOAH!! Ultimate overflow! And I used my biggest mug too! I can only think that the picture with the original recipe . . . which showed two mugs . . . should have been a really big clue. This is a two mugger cake!!

Nevermind . . . I dumped it all into a bowl and enjoyed it anyways. It was kinda like one of those fudge cakes that makes it's own sauce on the bottom . . . except it was better . . . coz . . .

1. It was mine . . . ALL mine!
2. It had nutella in it.
3. It was done and in my bowl in less than 5 minutes.

What could be better???

I do recommend if you make this that you divide it amongst two mugs. You will be pleasantly rewarded with two fudgy chocolate cakes and no mess. Or you can just throw caution to the wind and make a mess like I did. In any case you will enjoy. Trust me. (My directions reflect the changes I would make should I make this again, and I will make this again, no question!)

No Mitzie . . . chocolate cake is not for dogs. Sorry.

*Five Minute Nutella Mug Cake*
Makes 2 servings
Printable Recipe

Almost instant chocolate cake gratification. In a mug. Just for you.

4 TBS self raising flour
4 TBS sugar
3 TBS cocoa powder (not drink mix)
1 large free range egg
3 TBS nutella (YUMM!)
3 TBS milk
3 TBS vegetable oil

Whisk together the dry ingredients. Divide equally between two mugs. Whisk together the remaining ingredients until smooth. Divide these equally between the two mugs and again whisk each together until smooth. Cook each in the microwave (separately) for 1 to 2 minutes, until risen and set. Wait a few minutes and then serve.

Can top with whipped cream and chocolate sauce, or just a nice scoop of Vanilla Bean icecream.

Note: Mine was really fudgy, which I liked. If you don't want that result, then cook for a bit longer. I rather enjoyed the chocolate sauce.

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  1. LOL - sorry - The bit 'this is a two mugger cake' made me laugh!
    Ps: Mitzie is just too cute!

  2. I've never heard of a mug cake. What have I been missing?! I'm sharing this one with my Nutella-loving daughter : )

  3. ahhh, more instantish gratification temptation!

    Awww, your hound! We have a choc coloured version called Rolo, cocker spaniels are sooo lovely!

  4. Lol - love that photo of Mitzie looking longingly at the cake!!! But I am afraid not even that sweet face would tempt me to share!

  5. I've had many disasters:)I made lemon blueberry ricotta pots:) and while photographing them..knocked one over onto the floor.Smashed glass.. ricotta blueberries..Not so pretty..thank goodness I didn't have a doggie w/ the glass:(Baking too:) I find microwaves are touchy.:)

  6. Love mug cakes, but, I am not a nutella fan, I know that puts me in the minority but I can still see that that it would be VERY tasty! LOVE your doggie!

  7. Love the pictures dear Marie specially when Mitzie look this cake!!LOL
    My kids adore nutella and when Ihad bought these kids Marie ate with a tablespoon all!! crazy by nutella! have a nice day and huggs to you, Tood and Mitsie, she is adorable! gloria

  8. oh my marie this is so good looking and you know my daughter kelly made this just yesterday,, it was called brownie in a mug,, she also had to put it in two mugs she really liked hers,, it had nutella in it so maybe it was the same,, my girls and I have sure been over doing the mug cakes as of late,, best slow down or I'll be rolly polly for sure!!


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