Baked Hot Dogs

Monday 31 October 2011

Happy Halloween! Tis the night when Goblins and Witches wander the streets looking for goodies! I love Halloween! It's not as big a deal over here as it is in North America, but it is beginning to catch on more and more with each year that passes. When we worked on the Manor Estate down South, we never got any trick or treaters . . . except for maybe the little lad from next door. Last year we didn't really get any here either, but . . . I live in hope each year that this just might be the year when we will be inundated!

It was always such an exciting night when I was growing up . . . the highlight of the Autumn season, really. We always had a party at school in the afternoon, when we would wear our costumes and parade them around to all the other classrooms. Prizes would be given for the best ones, but every one was appreciated really. We had treats and drinks and it was all so very exciting. Our anticipation would build all day until evening . . . once the dusk started to settle in . . . the children in the neighborhood would begin to go around door to door. Trick or Treat . . . childishly and excitedly chanted over and over again . . .

When I was a child we were not allowed to go out trick or treating until we had eaten our dinner. Grrrr . . . I used to always be so afraid that by the time we would be allowed to go out, nothing would be left!!!! Oh what a chore that was for my mum. We were always overly anxious and excited . . . and dinner was always so boring. We just didn't want it!

It might have been a far different story had she placed one of these scrumptious hotdogs down in front of us! Oh my but these are some delicious! I can't believe it's taken me a lifetime to discover them!

Imagine a tasty hotdog, swathed in a bun, stogged full of your favourite hotdog toppings, and then topped with chili and cheese, and crispy onions . . . and then baked until it all melds into the most scrumptious tasting dish ever invented!

Oh yes . . . kids will love these, both young and old! These are so temptingly delicious that they will be love, Love, LOVED! If you are wanting them to be a bit healther, do use chicken, turkey or veggie dogs and veggie chili of you wish. Half fat cheese and mayo also work really well. But really your kids are going to burn them off with all that running from door to door they are going to be doing . . .

And as for the big kids that won't be runnning around, well . . . a little taste of what you love once in a while never did anyone any harm, did it?

*Baked Hot Dogs*
for 4 servings (but easily multiplied up or down)
Printable Recipe

These are so simple and so very delicious. I'll never eat a normal hotdog again.

4 smoked hot dogs
(buy the fresh ones, not the tinned ones)
4 finger buns
pickle relish
french mustard
mayonnaise (low fat works well)
1 tin of chili (I use stag chili, regular) heated
4 ounces grated strong cheddar cheese (1 cup)
4 TBS crispy onions (the kind used to top salads, in North America they are the Durkee's French
Fried onions that come in tins)

Preheat the oven to 180*C/350*F/ gas mark 4. Have ready a baking dish that is large enough to hold the hotdogs in the buns.

Slice each finger bun open. Spread the inside with some pickle relish, mustard and mayonnaise. Place a hot dog into each. Place each bun into the baking dish. Spoon the chili over top of the hotdogs inside the buns as much as possible. Scatter the cheese over top and then sprinkle on the crispy onions. Cover with foil, making sure that the foil does not touch the top of the hotdogs, but sealing the edges in well.

Bake for 45 to 50 minutes. Uncover and bake for 5 to 10 minutes longer. Remove from the oven and let stand 5 minutes before serving. Use a spatula to remove them to heated plates. These are knife and fork dogs and oh soooooo scrummy!

Cooking in The Cottage today, delicious Butterscotch Pudding!


  1. This recipe is a good way to bring hot dogs "inside" for the winter.
    We also had to eat our dinner before trick-or-treating! It was dark at dinner time by the end of October, making it feel later than the clock showed. I still remember several of my costumes and the FUN we had!

  2. Oh, what a perfect Halloween meal, Marie! Love your sweet Halloween girls still love it, but are too old now for the Trick or Treating...oh, well...time marches on, doesn't it?!

    I hope your door is being happily pounded on as we speak by many a sweet little goblin, dear friend!

    Sending lots of love your way this Halloween day!


  3. These looks absolutely scrumptious! And, your jack-o-lantern cans are so cute! Did you make them???

  4. What a wonderful new way to make hotdogs. This could very well be what's for supper tonight. Thanks!

  5. Oh,'s about 9PM and my mouth is watering! Thanks for this awesome recipe that I know will be a hit around here!


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