An Autumnal Plethora of Decadent Desserts

Saturday 15 October 2011

I just adore Autumn. It is my favourite season. I know . . . I say that every season and I guess that every season it is true . . . I love whatever season I am in! Each one brings us a wonderful mix of colour, textures, scents and flavours!! I'm a 365 a day foodie and my gluttony is no respecter of seasons I suppose!

I thought it would be fun to showcase several of my favourite autumnal puddings here this morning . . . the absolute best of the beautiful flavours that this season brings to the table in all it's decadent glory! I do hope that you will see at least one that you will want to try out, if not today, then very, very soon!

Delicious Michaelmas Dumplings, a beautiful mix of bramley apple, blackberries stewed together and topped with soft dumplings. Oh so good with lashings of cream poured over top!

A beautiful Apple and Plum Tart, served warm with, once again, lashings of double cream . . . a good vanilla ice cream would also go down very well!

Delicious Raspberry Buns . . . delightfully buttery and crispy biscuits stogged full of some of those raspberry preserves that you've just made!

Wonderfully scrummy Pumpkin Spice Bread, oh so moreish when toasted and spread with cold butter. You can't get enough of it!

Nectarines Baked in Cream, oh so rich and delish. Sweet fruit, rich cream and a crunchy nut topping. Oh so wonderful!

Break out the Cream again! It's Cinnamon Pudding Cake!!! Rich, spicy and chock full of lovely autumn apples!

Pretty hard to resist, it's Berry and White Chocolate Pudding! A delicious baked pudding stogged full of mixed berries and white chocolate. Pass the cream again!

It's Melt in Your Mouth Blueberry Cake, served with a delicious topping of Lemon Cream! Just can't get enough of those little blue gems, and that topping is to die for!

A scrummy Apple Crumble with Maple, Oats and Walnuts. Fall comfort and decadence in a bowl! Pretty hard to resist. Do at the British and serve up with lashings of warm custard, or cream.

Sticky Topped Gingerbread. This is fabulous, comforting and smells beautiful when it is baking! This tastes like Home Sweet Home!

Sour Cream Apple Squares, moreishly delish when served up with a nice dollop of Clotted Cream on top!

I hope that I have given you some autumnal food for thought this morning! This is my favourite part of autumn . . . it's such a delicious season with it's apples and pumpkins and late summer berries. Enjoy some autumn today!

And in The Cottage today, a delicious Autumnal Salad of Apple Dressed Pears and Walnuts with Blue Cheese Toasts! Oh so scrummy yummy!


  1. Oh. My. Goodness. These all look absolutely delicious! I will absolutely be trying some of these recipes as the weather gets cooler!! :-)

  2. I have just put on half a stone, thanks Marie!!

  3. What a wonderful seasonal round up Marie, quite wonderful!

  4. Thank you..
    I love autumn too Marie..Your seed packets were charming~

  5. beautiful deserts and stunning photos.Todd is one lucky man for sure!I think i will try the ginger cake,, sounds good for today,

  6. I can't pick a favourite from these desserts - they all look delicious! I think the white chocolate pudding and almond tart both look irresistible.

  7. oh Marie! I love all these desserts look and sounds delicious!!!LOL
    have a nice day dear and huggs to you and Todd!! gloria

  8. Its only really this year that I have appreciated autumn - I think living in the UK is finally starting to sink in lol ... although I will always love summer ... and winter now cause that's when Christmas is ... and I adore spring too. Oh dear!


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