A Piper's Farm Christmas

Monday 21 November 2011

The people at Piper's Farm recently contacted me to see if I would be interested in trying out some of their Christmas line and I jumped at the chance. After having tried some of their other products earlier this year, I knew I was in for a real treat!

First let me tell you a bit about Piper's Farm though. Located in Devon, Piper's Farm has over 20 years of experience at rearing, producing and selling and delivering consistently good quality meats and poultry. All the meat and poultry they sell, they produce themselves, and is free from preservatives and additives. It's free range and organic, with every detail controlled, allowing their animals to grow slowly, naturally and free from stress. You can read more about my past experience with them here. I have always been suitably impressed with it all.

I was not disappointed this time either. About 4 days ago, I looked out the door to see a delivery man struggling up my path with a HUGE box in his arms. Oh my what could it be? It was just like Christmas morning. As soon as I saw the Piper's Farm logo on the box I got really excited! Inside was a wonderful assortment of different goodies, which I couldn't wait to get started on. Everything arrived perfectly packaged and still frozen. These people know how to do this right and it shows in every detail.

Their Christmas Line of goodies is just as impressive as their everyday line. You can choose from a variety of beautiful meats and accompaniments to suit just about any budget and taste, with everything available from Turkey to Goose, Venison and everything in between.

(Doesn't this look delicious!)

For instance they offer a very delicious looking Turkey alternative to the traditional whole roasted bird. The Simplest Turkey combination consists of a boned, stuffed (Apricot and Hazelnut stuffing) and rolled Bronze turkey breast, a boned stuffed and rolled Bronze turkey thigh joint (for the dark meat lovers in the family), some scrummy bacon wrapped chipolatas and turkey stock (ideal for the gravy) all sold together and working out at roughly £6.50 per serving, which isn't all that bad really. AND . . . you can have it all cooked in about an hour! What a time saver!

One of my earliest Christmas memories is staying up late to watch A Christmas Carol on the telly with my mother. It was the old film, black and white and scratchy with Alistair Sims in it. I'm not sure how much of it I actually took in . . . but I do remember the mention of a Christmas Goose.
Goose is not something I have ever eaten, although to be sure, I have used my own fair share of goosefat to do roast potatoes in and let me tell you . . . they are fabulous.

I was really excited when I discovered that one of the products in my box was their Simplest Goose range, in a two portion size just perfect for Todd and myself. The Simplest Goose breast comes with their home-made fresh prune, apple and onion mixture which perfectly complements the goose along with some pure goose stock. Also added is a tub of goose fat for the most amazing roast potatoes.

I could hardly wait to cook this up for Todd and myself!

They always include cooking instructions and tips in the packaging so that you know exactly what to do with it all with no surprises or mysteries involved, something which was really important to me as I had never cooked or eaten goose before.

Their free range goose is grown slowly to natural maturity and grass fed. Following their instructions, we ended up with a beautiful dinner of tender and moist slices of goose breast with a wonderfully delicious prune and apple sauce, and some crispy golden roasted potatoes. This line is a bit more expensive than the turkey line, working out at £9 per portion . . . a bit pricey, but for a special meal like Christmas and with a small family it would be just perfect for us!

The meat was delicious, not gamey at all like I was expecting . . . well, I don't really know what I was expecting, but it was most certainly not disappointing in the least!

It was most, most delicious and we both really enjoyed this very much.

Next up was their delicious Venison Haunch. I served this the other night as a treat for the Missionaries and we were all delighted. Boneless and completely fat-free, it was beautifully tender with a mild venison flavour, and once again very easy to cook as per their instructions. I served it up with a variety of roasted vegetables and a red currant sauce. It was just beautiful and works out at roughly at a cost of £8 per person, which again, isn't bad. (This is not my picture. The lighting was so poor due to the time of the day we served it I couldn't get a good picture, but let me tell you in reality it looked every bit as scrummy as their picture on the site, and tasted even better!)

There were a few other things in the box, which I will talk about on another day, so stay tuned!

I am planning on ordering one of their Ruby Red Beef Roasts for our own Christmas Dinner this year (just for a change from Turkey) and some of their delicious meat pies or maybe a gammon for boxing day. Their delivery service is reliable and their packaging is exemplar. With free delivery and a 10% discount on your first order I reckon it's a pretty good deal all round, and what's an even bigger bonus . . . I won't have to suffer the crowds and chaos in the Grocery shops in the days running up to the big day!

Thank you Piper's Farm for once again treating me to your wonderful products. Please feel free to read more about their award winning meats and poultry on their homepage, and follow them on their Facebook page and Twitter. as well as their You Tube Channel.

(A fun video which shows you how brilliant their packaging is!)

Baking in The Cottage today, delicious Caramel Squares!


  1. Would they deliver to Australia Marie??? ;D
    It all looks and sounds fantastic. I can't wait to hear more....

    There's rumblings in the camp here that we don't need to have a turkey {shock, horror} so I'm looking for alternatives.
    I'm leaning towards trying a goose although I've never cooked one before, but like you I adore roasties cooked with goose fat.
    I'm not convinced I can have a hot summer Christmas AND no turkey!
    What's the world coming to? xox

  2. VERY nice...wow...such elegance is goose or duck for the holidays, I think. We're thinking about duck for our little Thanksgiving celebration later this week. See this inspired me! :o) Happy Week, dear friend ((LOVE & HUGS))


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