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Monday 7 April 2014

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Look at what I got in the post just recently.  You all know how much I love, LOVE chocolate.   It's not something that I bake with very often because the Toddster is not fond of chocolate baked anything.  Just chocolate candy, which I try not to have a lot of in the house, because if it is in the house, it gets in my mouth.
Choc Shot is a very viable and healthy alternative to having oodles of chocolate in the house to satisfy those chocolate cravings.  It has  85% less fat than regular chocolate candy bars and half the calories, at only 14 calories a teaspoon.

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It's a lovely thick liquid, smooth and creamy and has a beautiful dark chocolatey indulgent flavour.  You can use it in drinks, or drizzle it over things, or spread it on things, or even dunk fruit into it.

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Here are a few more ideas for using it:

1.  If a chocolate fix is the only way to banish your Monday morning blues, switch a Pain au Chocolat for Choc Shot on toast and save up to 150calories!

2.  Make up delicious Chocolate Porridge Bars, made with Choc Shot, freeze and eat one for breakfast . . .  a great way to enjoy porridge oats cold rather than hot this summer.

3.  When elevenses take hold at work, instead of reaching for a chocolate bar or biscuit, make Choc Shot your new desk buddy.  Try filling raspberries with a Choc Shot squeeze to create a treat that is just 6 calories a bite!

4.  For an afternoon pick me up in the office, stir a squeeze of Choc Shot into your coffee to create a lower cal Mocha.  Or make a silky smooth hot chocolate with your favourite milk.

5.  For a tasty summer swap, knock up a batch of delicious Choc Shot Frozen Yoghurt, with only two ingredients . . . Choc Shot and Yoghurt.  Eating thsi instead of chocolate ice cream will reduce your calories from 93 down to 38 a serving.

6.  If you are looking to slim-down your Saturday night supper, serve up a Choc Shot Fondu, either hot or cold, with summer berries, kiwi and chopped bananas to dip.  Simple, impressive and light.

7.  Need an energy boost before hitting the gym?  Forget sugar stuffed bars and drinks and whizz up a healthier Choc Shot Banana Smoothie.

8.  Drizzle Choc Shot over a bowl of plain popcorn for a healthier dessert or snack.

9.  Alternatively go for the direct approach and enjoy straight from the spoon or the bottle . . . the perfect late night or after dinner delight!

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Sweetened with the magic ingredient, Sweet Freedom, a natural sugar alternative made 100% from fruit (apples, grapes and carob extracts) it is the perfect choice for the health conscious.  As well as being completely natural, it has a low GL making it a good choice for dieters and diabetics, and is dairy, bluten and GM free as well as being suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

Personally I have been enjoying it just by the teaspoon.   (Works for me and Todd doesn't know what it is so he's not helping himself either.  There is nothing worse than going to get something from your chocolate stash and finding out the husband has helped himself and it's gone.  :-(  So annoying!)  It's creamy and delicious and very chocolatey, with an almost dark chocolate flavour, which I really enjoy.

It's easy to use and comes in a handy squeeze bottle.  (Personally if I was the makers of Choc Shot, I'd be making small individual portion sizes you could buy in a box so you could just carry a few in your handbag.  That would be so handy. )

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If you would like to know more about them to check out the Choc Shot Webpage.  There are more recipes and a lot of other information.

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This is a truly innovative and exciting new product. Many thanks to the Choc Shot people for sending me some to try out!


  1. sounds like somthing I could use!!

  2. ah dear thus sounds really delicious Marie:)
    send you love!

  3. This sounds delish! I think that the makers should be shipping it around the world so we could all enjoy it!!

  4. It is really good girls. I think they should be shipping it around the world also!


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