Revolutionary "liquid spice" products acclaimed by top TV chefs

Wednesday 2 April 2014

Ocado 'Next Top Supplier of the Year 2014' finalist praised by Tom Kerridge, Cyrus Todiwala and Atul Kocchar

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The Spice Drops® range of food flavouring products from Holy Lama Naturals has won the praise of high profile food celebrities Tom Kerridge, Cyrus Todiwala and Atul Kocchar, with all three chefs impressed with the vibrancy of flavours and flexibility for creative applications.

Spice Drops® are concentrated spice extracts distilled into easy-to-use liquid drops for food and drink, providing chefs and cooks with simple and convenient access to a huge range of spices.

Already hailed by some of the UK's top food bloggers, the Spice Drops® range was named in March 2014 as one of Ocado's five finalists in its 'Next Top Supplier of the Year' competition, being selected from over 400 entries. 

Ocado PR Executive Naomi Bullivant said:
"Our senior buyer Andy was blown away by the versatility of this could use it to liven up plain yoghurt or make mulled wine in seconds."

Commenting on one of the Spice Drops® products, two Michelin starred chef Tom Kerridge said:
"This has a fantastic saffron flavour."

Atul Kocchar, one of Britain's most critically acclaimed chefs and the first Indian chef to achieve a Michelin star was equally fulsome in his praise. About the entire Spice Drops® range he said:
"These products are an amazingly versatile way to bring food and drink to life. Truly authentic flavours."

TV chef Cyrus Todiwala, owner of landmark London restaurant Café Spice Namasté and a new Portuguese/Indian fusion restaurant in Waterloo, Assado, highlighted the products' ease of use in cooking:
"These drops present us with a wonderfully simple and flexible way to blend spices and create flavours."  

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Gouri Kubair, owner of Holy Lama Naturals, UK, said:
“It was fantastic to hear those comments from chefs I have long admired. I am also really excited by the wonderful feedback and imaginative recipes that Spice Drops® is starting to generate from our customers. People are starting to appreciate that trying new tastes with the Spice Drops® is easy and risk free.
The products are made in our family factory in Kerala, India, where we employ disadvantaged women, providing them with fair wages and optimum working conditions. It means a great deal to me that I can make a difference in this way."

Spice Drops® can be viewed and purchased from the Holy Lama Naturals online shop: 


  1. Have you tried them, Marie? I see I can order them via, so I might give the saffron and garam masala ones a try.

  2. I have used them Marie. I was sent some several months ago. They are very good.


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